Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Batteries not included.

Blimey, its been a bit chilly over the last few days.  Now, when it gets like this I try and improve my odds by going to spots where I know I might get a bite or two.  Emerald Pool Fishery has to be near the top of the list.  In the warmer months the action is often non stop so I figured that in winter I would still get a few.

Upon arrival a chap told me that Ruby was the only lake not booked!  Not really a problem.

I kitted up with a float and maggots and a method and maggots.  Rather annoyingly the batteries on my alarm had given out meaning I would have to hope that any fish might just hook itself.

I cast in and fed a small amount of maggots around the place.  All was still...

20 minutes later I was scratching my head.  By now I would normally have caught 3 Carp!!!

Alan, the owner wandered round.  I immediately began moaning.  After he had a good laugh at me he very kindly offered me a spot in the "Private" bit.  What a gent.  I pushed it a bit far by asking if he had any aa batteries... As this is a family show I wont repeat the response :-)

Now, fishing outside the private cottages I started to get a few taps on the float.  I missed a few but at least it was something.  

Finally a little Roach was caught, saving me from a blank - something that is surely not possible here.  I took comfort from the fact that the match guys seemed to be struggling a bit also.

More Roach were forth coming and I lost many more.  Given the weather I was pleased with just this small catch.

Cheers to Alan.  Even if batteries were not included...

These are real fish.  It was dark and I was a bit cold.  But it wasnt a blank...

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