Saturday, 30 December 2017

Ice, Ice Baby

In a surprising turn f events I had the chance to head out for a few hours.  I fancied another lure fishing session and packed the dropshot rod along with an ancient green spinning rod purchased by my Dad back in 88'.

For some unknown reason I decided to got to Shearwater.  I could have gone to Todber for free.  Shearwater is an eye watering £12.00 for the day.  Why did a choose this? Dont know.

My little tin can was frozen solid - must be mad

It was bloody cold with the wind blowing into the dam end.  I chucked in my rubber lure and worked my way towards the boat house area.  I got snagged half a dozen times and caught nothing.

Looked great - but that wind...

On my travels I bumped into some chaps spinning away.  They hadnt had anything either...

After a fruitless hour or so I decided to pop down to Little Shearwater.  I have seen small Pike in here and it just looks Pikey.

Beautiful if somewhat icy spot

However the lake held a considerable amount of ice which wasnt going anywhere quickly.  Probably a bad thing.  Anyway I made my way round the entire lake.  I tried different lures along with live lobs but nothing.  Not a knock all afternoon...

Not a great way to complete the fishing of 2017.  Unfortunately it got worse.

A crazy kid came down to the bank, picked up a discarded and broken fishing pole and proceeded to hurl it onto the ice along with stones, wood and anything else he could get his hands on.  The mum was busy shouting at him and asked if the pole belonged to someone... If it did then they wouldnt be getting it back!

Stopped for a cuppa

I decided to switch it some spinning with a Savage Gear Trout in gaudy orange.  It looks amazing in the water but was getting hooked up on weed - there is loads in here.  To finish off I got it tangled in a tree.  I did get it out but it fell in the water.  I thought they floated...

So a terrible session all in all.  It was cold, I had lost my fancy lure and had blanked.

The best bits were a beautiful Kingfisher perched up near me as the dappled sunlight lit up his electric blue feathers.  Wish I had brought my camera.  Also a couple of Roe deer, disturbed by me crashing around on the bank.  Oh, and warming up in the car.

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