Sunday, 10 December 2017


At last. The rivers and drains near me are fully fishable. During the warmer months they get infested with weed making life very difficult. However a bit of cold weather has sorted it out!

Now, I haven't had masses of success with drop shotting so far. But I was keen to make amends.

Heading out quite late I trundled down to North drain on the Somerset levels. It was bloody cold but the surroundings were beautiful. A Spotted Woodpecker was a companion for a time as I wondered along the slow flowing water.  I put in a few chucks with a little rubber minnow type thing, nothing happened.

Eventually I reached a little bridge.  It looked like Perch heaven.  But it wasnt.  Not a thing.  My heart was sinking a bit.  Luckily the surroundings and the quiet kept be bouyant.  I turned round and headed back to where I had started.  A Bittern flew right over my head.  I wondered if he had more success than me this morning.

Back at my original spot.  I noticed a bit of metal sticking out of the water.  It was awkward to get to but the best places often are.

Metal thing is bottom left.  

I dropped the lure in right by the metal thing and within half a second I was onto a perch!  They must move quick!!

Not huge but what a smart fella

I decided to try my luck and do it again...

Second time lucky.

I was pleased with myself if im honest.  This drop shotting stuff does work after all!

Then things went quiet.  I swapped banks and chucked in right under the bridge to my right.  I winded in slowly and then it felt like I had hit a snag.  Then the snag started moving.  The rod arched over and started bouncing, line went out...

I was terrified I would lose it.  My first Pike for sure.  After a scrap I finally brought him in.

I was so excited...


So it was all about the Predators today.  The Pike has now officially moved to 2nd place on my favourite fish list.  Perch remains number 1 and Tench is pushed into 3rd.  Lets hope I can get some more toothy or spiny critters over the winter.

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