Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Shallows

So this may well be my last fishing trip of 2017. With the weather being quite mild I fancied my chances at Ship late Fishery. In the summer I caught close to 100ibs of Carp and silvers. So I was certainly in with a chance of catching a few.

I chose Peg 1 on Hawthorns lake. The same spot as in the summer. I only fed sparingly with maggots and a bit of groundbait.

An aerator was nearby so I chucked out my waggler next to it. 5 mins and it sunk and into a nice 4ib Common. A great start.

Decent enough - all counts in winter

The feeder rod was out on the far bank with a lobworm stuck on the end but stayed quite.

Meanwhile the float was getting very tentative bites here and there. But no strike managed to connect.

 Aerator dead ahead

The Shallows

My initial success completely died. Looking about I noticed the reeds slowly moving about at the top of the lake. Normally inaccessible due to bushes and trees but in winter these had died back.

I carefully plucked my way to the corner area. Carp! Loads of em milling about in shallow water. Probably 1 or 2 feet at most.

I plopped in nearby. Moments later the float went and a second carp was bagged. Not huge but very welcome all the same.

Small -  but nicely coloured.

I tried again and got a few strong bites which I missed. Finally I hooked into a third but sadly the hook pinged out.

He just didnt give up - maggots, worms, groundbait, pellets - anything that would fit!

At the close of play I had a rather un-impressive 2 Carp. The second being about 2ibs.

Still, in winter every fish counts. Make sure you watch the shallows!

Merry Christmas and New Year to all.

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