Sunday, 30 December 2018


So 2018 is drawing to a close.  Looking back over the year its been a good 2nd year back in the fishing game.  I have been really drawn to light lure fishing.  I love the lack of... stuff!

I had a small window of opportunity so headed to the North Drain at Ham Wall.  This stretch has become extremely popular of late and there were another 3 anglers pacing the bank already.

I went straight to my 'banking' spot.  I have always caught Perch here.

I often hang around under the bridge... Like a troll

With it being in the nature reserve you do get some questioning looks.  But the license lets you!

Ultra slow jigging was the way.  Although the Perch were a little slow to react.  Possibly because a bloody great Pike sloshed out of the water.  Silver fry spraying everywhere!  Even the people on the bridge gasped...

Nothing to exciting but kept me from blanking

Then I swapped to a slightly bigger roach lure.  Bam!  It was hit hard and fast.  My ultra light rod arched right over.  The adrenaline was pumping.  Where was the bloody net?  Behind me, folded up.  I reached back and got in a right mess unfolding it.  That cost me dear.  A second later the line went slack.  The hook had come out.


The Pike is without doubt my arch nemesis.  I've had a very poor record with them this season having caught 2 tiddlers and losing this one which was bigger.  I did see it roll on the surface and would estimate 3 or 4lbs.  Not big but I would have loved to have got it at the end of 2018.  Sadly it wasnt to be.

Perhaps 2019 will be kinder to me on the Pike front.  Have a good 'un.

Monday, 17 December 2018

More Perch!!!

 Perch fishing on the Levels
Ive been at it again - with a new rod this time.  
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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Back to the drawing board

One of Adam's amazing drawings

Unfortunately I didnt get out on the bank this weekend. Work and family stuff kept me busy at home. However I did steal an hour or so on the Internet. Inevitably I ended up having a quick scroll through Facebook. I saw a post from Adam Entwhistle Art. Wow, could this guy draw fish and birds. Intrigued I had a look through his page and snuck onto his blog as well. It was all very interesting...

So I thought I would find out more about this artistic maestro. Turns out he is a very friendly chap and he kindly answered a load of questions for me.

Please have a read and visit his FB page if you are looking for a Christmas present for a Fish fancier :-)

Hi Adam. I hope you dont mind me asking you a load of questions!

Morning James, thank you for the email and your interest in my work:) I will answer your questions below!

Firstly, when did you first become interested in wildlife art?

I started late in life, no interest in art as a young boy, never went to art school.....and first picked up a pencil around 8 years ago after seeing a chaps work called Jonathan Pointer...a modern day master in my eyes. After seeing his work I had this over whelming feeling that I wanted to produce some kind of art, or say something about my love for the natural world in a picture form. I know that sounds a little soppy but that was my starting point.I'm self taught but have asked many questions along the way, trying to gain information from other artists I admire, and "MOST" are very helpful!

What do you feel is your best piece?

My best piece: I don't think I have done one just yet...I'm always looking to improve in someway, and once a piece is complete you want it to be hung and appreciated by another person....and the journey along the way is just as important as the finished piece. A drawings that seems to flow and almost draws itself in a natural way is the most enjoyable for myself.

I had better ask a few fishy questions as well.

Favourite that's a hard one because I love most of them from the tiny minnow & a big fat carp, then I love Rudd, roach, Perch....haha I think all of them! But if I had to say one its the Grayling. Funny you have mentioned it because its a fish I first caught as a young lad while trotting on a small stream, and after that I have caught so many, from many different rivers and every time their beauty still excites me. I have come nowhere close to expressing my thoughts for this fish though my work just yet....plenty more work regarding this fish in the future.

Regarding sea fish, I haven't done very much sea fishing at all...Maybe the Bass but I love Mackerel and have always dreamed of catching a Tarpon.

Do you use photographs as reference?

Regarding reference, I think most wildlife artists use some kind of photographic reference, but its never a simple case of drawing from a single photo. I'm constantly using many forms of reference including memory, live subjects ( birds I keep etc) life studies when I can.....but also a lot of effort with the camera trying to capture the energy of my subject for future reference. In turn you start to build a mental image from all these sources that help you understand your subject. The one piece of advice I can give to another regarding art, is know your subject well...inside out if you want to portray it correctly. There is no point drawing hunting dogs if you don't have any knowledge or experience with them!! They talk about the Jizz (GIS) of an animal...what makes that animal what it is....I think this is a very important point to remember if you are serious about your subject matter.

Are scales harder to draw than feathers?

Scales are harder to draw that feathers for myself....I draw from eye to hand, no use of tracing, copying, overhead projectors etc to get the overall scale and outline of the drawing.I know some artists use these methods, but I have to believe that there is no easy way or short cut.I want to learn the correct way because in the long-term, it will force me to become a better artist. I believe by going about it in a methodical fashion and genuinely wanting to teach my brain to work in relation with my hands it will then start to become second nature and easier as I progress.

Do you sell prints, or are they all originals?

I have only just started to sell prints in the last month, this is something I will build on over the next 12 months.

With the rise of the Internet do you ever suffer from Copyright theft?

Yes many issues of copyright theft...I used to get stressed about it, but with most pieces I do seem to mange to sell the original so it doesn't worry me to much. There is nothing like the real thing, or a professional print, so if one of my images is taken from the internet I honestly think it can only have a limited use. I remember another artist telling me......the work is always yours, even if its sold and you never see it again, its been made my your own hands so its your creation...just a nice way of looking at it!

I would love a picture of a Perch for Christmas. Do you do commission work?

Regards commissions, yes I do but only if its a subject I'm interested in and want to draw or paint. Its not my fulltime job and I don't want to lose the interest or enjoyment which commission work can do. As a rough guide an A4 sized piece, single subject is around £150...slightly less if its more of a sketch type piece. A3 and a more serious work taking many more hours is around £300....after that it all depends on the subject, size, time taken, professional framed and not just a £20 ikea frame! which have to be taken into account.
My signed limited edition prints start around £35 for an A4, all printed on archival heavy weight paper by a professional printer....with a backing board & double mount included in the price.

You obviously have an intimate knowledge of wildlife. Are there any animals you would like to draw but havent got round to?

Regarding Knowledge, I have always loved the countryside...lucky to have a father who was very passionate and willing to take us out most weekends despite being born in "Sunny Manchester" all my knowledge & passion is attributed to my father. I love all aspects for different reasons, but have a soft spot for birds. I keep and breed many different varieties from Chickens, to partridge, doves to song birds. In the future I will concentrate on some of these birds, including more unusual species like Stonecurlew, ruff, grouse,snipe being just a very small number on my list!

You have a really fascinating blog which is very well written. However it hasnt been updated in a while. Do you plan to post in the future?

Thanks for the positive words about the blog......Like I have mentioned my fulltime job is running a fishery in France with my young family. I have been doing this for 13 years, its a very busy life and hands on 7 days a week. I have a blog for the fishery, and my fishery FB page, so my artwork has really taken a back seat this year, thus my blog has suffered. In the future I will be slowly progressing almost fulltime with my artwork, so the blogs will be more frequent along with a dedicated website to my plenty in the pipeline:)

Thank you so much for answering my questions. Much appreciated! I hope that helps James, I will have a read of your own blog and thanks once again for showing interest. Excuse any typos etc, getting 3 boys ready for school this morning is never easy:) wishing you all the very best in the future...keep up the good work.

Look up Adam Entwhistle Art on FB. You wont be disappointed!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Cheap Thrills
Click to watch. 
Bit of light lure fishing with a cheap, plastic reel direct from the orient.  Please feel free to Like/Dislike and/or Subscribe :-)

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Homemade Lures

Had some fun today with lures made from old plastic straws.  Many thanks to Chris Phillips for sending me some to try!

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Its been a bit of a disastrous week in fishing terms.  Ive been sneaking out on the way home at a nearby bridge on the River Brue without any reward whatsoever.  Ive bought a ton  of lures off ebay and non of them tickled the interest of a passing Pike.

Yesterday I had a (very) quick go on the South Drain at Shapwick.  A few minutes in a cast a bit to casually and my Savage Gear lure wrapped round a small tree.  Rather than being sensible and simply cutting the braid, I decided to give it a yank and another yank and... snap!

What a pleb.  I stormed off like a spoilt brat and vowed never to go lure fishing ever again...

After work today I headed back to the South Drain but a different bridge (at the other end).  Before you ask, I bought two lure rods a while back (because I know myself very well...)

Anyway, with the darkness already encroaching I gave a few little casts and very slow retrieves with a little HTO rubber lure.  It didn't take long before a small Perch took interest.

Under the bridge was the place to be 


A start.

Of course when you get one little Perch, there are often more...

 This photo doesnt do him justice.  He was a little cracker.

So my new rod has been christened.  I nearly snapped yesterday but am feeling better about things after this evening.  Still no Pike though.  I think my rods have some kind of anti-Pike coating.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Tor Blimey!

Before I forget I must say thank you to Gareth Ebbrell for giving me a title for the blog post via the Perch Fishing Facebook page.

Now I'll be honest.  My fishing ego and confidence went up considerably after a bit of a red letter day a little while back (video is in the works).  It was with some swagger I headed down to Burtle Lakes, confident that a Pike or two would surely fall to my new found lure fishing skills...

They didnt.  In fact I didnt even get a knock.  Nothing for an hour.  It took a small chunk out of my over inflated sails...

So I went to the North Drain.  SIte of the 2lbs Perch from the other day.  Bites were guaranteed here...

Well, I did get one...

Saved the blank but I was struggling.

I familiar figure walked across the small bridge above me.  Lure maestro Alistair Allen.  He went on the otherside of the bridge and promptly cast straight into my swim... The nerve of it.

After a few minutes he realised that someone was next to him.  I thought lure fisherman had to be alert :-)

Anyway, this chap does a good lot of lure angling and is a mind of useful information and knows spots which I dont.  After a bit of a chat he suggested Cow Bridge.  I didnt have much to lose, given that I had only caught one fish...

At Cow Bridge (River Brue) it was blowing a bit of a gail and despite swapping lures and chucking them all over the place I failed to grab a bite.

I wasnt going to give up though and trampled my way down towards Cinnamon lane, avoiding the rather  frisky cows.  Low and behold a familar face was on the opposite bank.  Alistair was at it again.

He immediately put me right announcing that a Perch shoal was in the vicinity.

He was right and finally a few Perch graced my lures.  Thank you that man!

 Little Perch in front of the Tor
Slightly bigger Perch in front of the Tor

So, a pretty bad outing was saved at the last moment.  Thank you Alistair.  Tor Blimey!

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


Bit of a Red Letter day yesterday.  Loads of Perch, along with this hefty one.  Video to follow (eventually!)

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Sometimes little is better

A bit of light lure fishing for your viewing pleasure...

Light lure fishing
Click the pic to view

Saturday, 6 October 2018


Last nights Chinese washed down with Thatchers Haze had made me feel like Mr Blobby but less excitable.  My mood wasn't lifted much when I opened the curtains to find a monochrome world smothered in heavy rain.

But I have to take every opportunity and I had a few hours.  So after the customary crying and shouting from my daughters my wife bundled them out and I was free to get some Predators...

My hopes were not that high with the rain falling I drove to the South Drain on the Shapwick end.

I chucked in a curly tail silver grub and almost immediately had some knocks.  But I couldn't keep the critters on the hook.  Must only be tiddlers.  This has been happening a lot recently.  Luckily I had a cunning plan.

I decided to step down the lures and had purchased some micro jigs.  I quickly attached a small Minnow esque lure.  It looked great in the water, fluttering and falling.  Incidentally the water was the clearest I have ever seen it.  The bottom was in full view.  Rudd could be seen flitting about.  I had no doubts that a Perch or two would be keen on this.

 My initial swim

Some nice autumnal colours

I wasn't wrong.  Bites came after about 10 minutes of flicking and twitching.  

Then the first proper bite came and the quick strike was met with resistance.  Hooray!

Already better than the last few attempts

Another cast and bam!  Another Perch.

Best fish in the water in my humble opinion.

Bites came, some were lost but plenty banked.

A big confidence boost!

Despite the bites coming i decided to move along a bit just to see if I could get anything a bit bigger.  Sadly in my haste I disturbed either a big Perch or Jack Pike as it shot off from the near bank.

I fished the near bank in only a couple of feet of water.  But Perch were plentiful, hiding amongst the underwater debris and once more I capitalised.

Baggin' up :-)

Before I knew it nearly 3 hours had passed.  Even heading back I caught a few.  Casually flicking in.  

It was one of those days when everything went right.  You feel almost invincible!  The day did live up to the title.  Predators - 25 of them in total! 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Predator 2

Well the official Predator season is underway and people are happily posting up pictures of Pike and Perch all over Facebook.  Unfortunately I haven't managed to do the same.  Ive stolen an hour or two over this week in pursuit of anything toothy or spikey.

Ive done a bit of spinning and a bit of jigging.  All to no avail.  A few bites here and there is the best I could do.

My trip to Burtle lakes (for the 3rd time) appeared to be heading the same way.  I was a bit fed up to be honest!

Just before packing up, this enormous Perch snaffled the silver lure.

5lbs+ I reckon...

Despite the Perch being a bit bigger than a thimble I felt quite elated!  It hasnt been a good start to the Perch and Pike season and I was happy just to get off the mark!

The 3rd film in The Predator franchise is called 'Predators'.  Lets hope my next fishing trip can live up to that name...

Monday, 1 October 2018


So the weather is cooling down and there is an Autumnal feel to the air.  Days are shorter and things can often go a bit grey and dank.  But not to worry.  Predator season has begun!

I havent caught a Pike for ages so it was time to get out the spinning stuff and get down to Burtle lakes.  Now you can do some lure fishing I thought I would give it a go.  Before I got there I found the combination lock to difficult to beat.  Rather embarrassingly a chap who was leaving did it for me...

I went onto Lake 2.  My reasoning being it was the smallest and so I might get a lure in front of a toothy Pike a bit easier.

I was travelling light and made my way around the lake.

Casting long, short and everything in between.  My little Savage gear Roach look a like was getting some serious workout time.

The first hook up happened right under my feet.  i even saw the little beggar.  A few thrashes and he was off.  It was still exciting.  I really like lure fishing!

Another hit came about 10 minutes later but once more it was lost.

third time didnt prove lucky as the tip whipped round but was quickly straight again.  Bugger...

Well, the positive is that I had some proper bites and it got the adrenaline going.

I have removed all the trebles from all my lures after hooking a Pike a while back and really struggling to get the treble out.  I did manage it but it was stressful for me and the fish.  I vowed never to use trebles again and have had no problems with unhooking as a result.

I guess it means I might get fewer hook ups but I'd rather that than a stressed Pike.

Still, the Predators had outwitted me this time.  But as Arnold said "I'll be back".

Monday, 24 September 2018

Mission Impossible

So with Autumn on the horizon Ive packed up my Carpy stuff and will now be aiming squarly at silvers along with Perch and the big boy, Pike!

I had a few hours to spare so I headed down to Burtle Lakes.  Fished on a Glaston Manor License.  You would be hard pressed to find a more tranquil spot.  Buzzing with wildlife there is always plenty to savour.  

That is of course if you can crack the code on the lock... Despite having the number I couldnt actually turn the bloody thing.  Like Tom Cruise I attempted to defeat the metal padlock using cunning, then guile and then brute force.  None of them worked.  So i parked on the road and did a deft (ahem) leap over the gate.

Mission complete.  Now I needed to find a peg out of the wind.  I plodded to the Carplake at the back and sat at Peg 15, tucked in a corner.  The rain splatted down but I had my decent coat so i was alright.  I chucked in some mushy bread a put a grain of corn on the float road.  I didnt cast far but kept it close to the reedy margin.  Then I waited, and waited.

Today the Jay's harsh call was echoing through the trees and a brief glimpse of electric blue signalled a Kingfisher.  Nice, and kept me entertained seeing as my float was ... floating.

A friendly chap (Mr Curtis - first name, not sure) popped up behind me.  I was slightly amazed that he recognised me and knew my blog (its the glasses).  Also, I teach is son... Small world.

We discussed the lack of younger people in the sport and the massive decrease in numbers since 2001.  Getting kids away from the addiction of phones and XBoxes is a hard thing to do.  They don't know what they are missing to be honest.

In the end I abandoned the Carp lake and went over to the front lake.  As I did so the rain turned to sun.  Hooray!

I could see a lot of silver fish milling around near the surface.  First cast and the float sank almost instantly.

What a nice view

Saved from the blank...

After getting tangled up on some reeds I tried to solve the puzzle of the twisted line but it was Mission Impossible.  So I cut the line and bunged on a pellet waggler.  This gave me extended casting range.  But it didnt make much difference.  The fish were much the same stamp and were very hungry,

Kept me entertained. 

Loads of 'em

How did he get here?  Caught on sweetcorn...

It really was a game of two halves today.  Raining and blanking on the Carp lake.  Sunshine and unending Bites on the front lake.  Nothing of any size but like Mission Impossible there was plenty of action.