Thursday, 4 January 2018

I Am The One And Only

I apologise for the seemingly very self gratifying title.  But it isn't meant to be read in that way.  I literally was the one and only at Viaduct Match Lake yesterday!

The forecast was... STORM.  All through the night, bins and recycling boxes scraped and toppled across the concrete.  Windows rattled and my household didn't sleep.

Despite this depravation I had the all clear to do a spot of fishing in the afternoon, after the trip to Aldi for the giant shop.  Ushering the family around the isles I was soon out and quickly rushed over to Viaduct Fishery.

The wind was howling for the whole journey but things were a little more serene in Cary Valley.  In fact it was more of a strong breeze rather than a forceful gale.

It is not unusual to see Viaduct full of anglers.  And with good reason.  Its a great looking venue and the fishing is up there with the best of 'em.

After a quick chat with Matt I plonked myself on Match Lake (yes its the only one I ever go to).  I pinged in a handful of maggots and put two on the hook.  I cast out to my left towards the corner area.

Peg 45 - Just me on the lake :-)

As I was setting up the mini feeder on my carp rod the float sunk but I was too slow.  Nevertheless a good start.  I really wasn't sure how the fish would react after the huge amount of rain and wind.

I popped a worm on the Carp rod and put it out fairly close to the island.

Now, I didn't post the last time I went fishing.  Because I caught precisely nothing and lost my brand new lure.  This was at North Drain, as I hunted for Pike or Perch.  Unfortunately the drain was the colour of a Dairy Milk bar and was flowing pretty quickly as well.  It was a foolhardy attempt and I wasn't rewarded...

So I was fishless in 2018.  Not for long though.

The float went and I hooked a Roach which was actually quite a nice size.

First fish of 2018 - not bad actually!

I had a few more small Roach and Skimmers as well.


The Carp Rod had been silent the whole time so I swapped to sweetcorn and cast tighter the the island.  Meanwhile a missed half a dozen bites on the float.

Still nothing on the feeder.  I slowly wound in only to be snagged.  I gave it a good pull but still stuck.  Then the line started moving towards me.  A fish was on the end!

A nice, chunky F1. Weirdest bite ever (there wasn't one!!!)

As the light was fading I cast tight to the corner bank.  WIthin a couple of seconds the waggler buried and I was into a hard fighting fish.  

Hooray! A nice Perch for 2018.  Memories of my dreadful lure fishing session on New Years Day were banished.

The whole time I had the Match Lake to myself.  The one and only person there.  A rare treat indeed!

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