Monday, 26 February 2018

Jaws 2

So, last weekend I had a terrible experience with a Pike.  It was almost dark when the rod arched over.  After a fair bit of a tussle he was netted.  Then the trouble started.  It was those bloody treble hooks again.  Could I get them out.  Hell no.  The fish began bleeding from the gills.  It has happening just like last time.  I put him back in the net and allowed him some time before going at it again.  Eventually it came out but the fish was distress and knackered as was I.  I rested him in the net for a good 20 minutes in the dark.  Soon he gathered some strength and slowly swam off.

I mulled over this unfortunate event and decided to remove all trebles from all my lures.  Did it help?

Fast forward to this weekend.  it was cold, very cold but the Pike woke up in the late afternoon after nothing had happened for about 2 hours prior.  First one - came off the hook, second one - came off the hook, third one, came off the hook, forth one came off the hook, 5th one followed the lure to the bank, 6th one BAM.  Landed, photographed and back in all in about a minute.  In front of many interested starling spotters on the opposite bank.

7th one BAM!.  A nice fella indeed, probably 6-7lbs, a PB I reckon.  Again, he was out then back in.  So much better.  Even though I had lost 4(!) I was still really pleased.  A very enjoyable afternoon topped off by a very impressive Starling murmeration.

A single hook in those Jaws is the way to go...

Streamline - such awesome fish.  Jaws 1

A nice chunky Croc.  Jaws 2

Monday, 19 February 2018

I Wish...

Recently I have been spending out on all sorts of cheap Chinese crap from Wish, a wonderful and very addictive app.  Similar to Ebay but not quite the same.  Sunglasses, lures, pliers plus other unnecessary bits (the sunglasses have broken now...)

Anyway we are not here to talk about the merits of Wish.  Another thing that I'm really wishing for is a nice fat Perch.  Now, they are about.  The River Brue has them and so does Viaduct Fishery which now has Campbell lake open for Perch fishing.  So on a very cold February day a geared up and plopped myself by the lake.

Casters went in, lobworms went in on the lead.  I waited and waited.  An hour slipped by.  Now I am quite impatient, which probably isnt great when you go fishing.  Anyway in short, i packed up and went to Match lake.

Even here life was tough.  The water was very cold and most of the fish were asleep.  I kept up with caster and worm hoping and wishing for a Perch...

A right tubby fella.  I got Matt to come over and give me an estimate.  
We agreed at 8ibs.

So, my wish didn't come true but you cant complain with a nice Common Carp in the winter.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Last weekend I had a rather unpleasant encounter with a pair of jaws.  He also had an unpleasant encounter with me...

I was on my way back from taking a few photos around the levels, as I passed over the North Drain I thought I might give it a quick bash.  I had my stumpy little spin rod and a few rubber lures.

So I parked up and started throwing the rubber.  

10 mins later and I had a Jack Pike scrapping hard.  Eventually he gave up the ghost and was in the net.  This is where the trouble began.  The lure had gone down his gullet.  The forceps were not strong enough to get the treble out.  The barbs set deep in his bony gob.

I was beginning to panic.  The Jack flared his gills and thrashed about.  Blood started oozing from his gills.  I was horrified.  But I couldnt put him back with a lure in his throat.  In the end I just went for it with a pair of pliers.  Hand went in.  Sharp teeth gave em a good shredding.  I didnt know whos blood belonged to who.

Eventually I crushed the lure, hooks and all.  Finally it was prized free.

I dropped the Pike back in.  No photo.  He had been out for ages and I had really beaten him up.  I felt awful.  The last two Pike were just knicked in the lip and proved easy on the bank.  But this was a different story.

To my slight surprise he slowly crept off into the brown water.  I waited for about 10 minutes to see if he surfaced.  Nothing happened.

It was a really horrible experience and I never want anything like that to happened again.  After a chat on the FB Pike Page I crushed all the barbs on all my lures and have bought a very handy looking Savage Gear pistol grip remover.

I really do hope Mr Pike is tucking in to a Roach or two and those jaws are in full working order.

Them teeth

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Attack of the Clones

I was a little bleary eyed this morning after my new born decided to keep me up nice and late.  Nevertheless I was keen to try out my new Shakespeare spinning rod, cheap Chinese reel and some Korum rubber clone baits which do look scarily like the real thing when they are dragged through the water.  I only had a couple of hours so needed to make it all count!

I plumped for the North Drain at Ham Wall Nature Reserve.  It was pretty miserable and grey but the rain held off.  I headed up to the little bridge marking the entrance to the reserve.  Gave it a few casts with no luck and slowly worked my way back to the road.  After 20 minutes I was in, then out.  The bugger had fallen off.

My heart sank to my boots.  Catching Pike is indeed hard work!  

Still, I carried on.  Another half hour passed with nothing.  I slowed my reeling speed a bit and then... wham!  The rod arched over.  I kept the line tight and held on.  I was swearing quietly under my breath willing the beast into my waiting net...

Not huge, but not bothered.  Love these fish. Incredible markings up close.

The clone roach had worked his magic.  Hopefully I will get to attack with my clones again very soon.