Saturday, 3 February 2018

Attack of the Clones

I was a little bleary eyed this morning after my new born decided to keep me up nice and late.  Nevertheless I was keen to try out my new Shakespeare spinning rod, cheap Chinese reel and some Korum rubber clone baits which do look scarily like the real thing when they are dragged through the water.  I only had a couple of hours so needed to make it all count!

I plumped for the North Drain at Ham Wall Nature Reserve.  It was pretty miserable and grey but the rain held off.  I headed up to the little bridge marking the entrance to the reserve.  Gave it a few casts with no luck and slowly worked my way back to the road.  After 20 minutes I was in, then out.  The bugger had fallen off.

My heart sank to my boots.  Catching Pike is indeed hard work!  

Still, I carried on.  Another half hour passed with nothing.  I slowed my reeling speed a bit and then... wham!  The rod arched over.  I kept the line tight and held on.  I was swearing quietly under my breath willing the beast into my waiting net...

Not huge, but not bothered.  Love these fish. Incredible markings up close.

The clone roach had worked his magic.  Hopefully I will get to attack with my clones again very soon.

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