Monday, 19 February 2018

I Wish...

Recently I have been spending out on all sorts of cheap Chinese crap from Wish, a wonderful and very addictive app.  Similar to Ebay but not quite the same.  Sunglasses, lures, pliers plus other unnecessary bits (the sunglasses have broken now...)

Anyway we are not here to talk about the merits of Wish.  Another thing that I'm really wishing for is a nice fat Perch.  Now, they are about.  The River Brue has them and so does Viaduct Fishery which now has Campbell lake open for Perch fishing.  So on a very cold February day a geared up and plopped myself by the lake.

Casters went in, lobworms went in on the lead.  I waited and waited.  An hour slipped by.  Now I am quite impatient, which probably isnt great when you go fishing.  Anyway in short, i packed up and went to Match lake.

Even here life was tough.  The water was very cold and most of the fish were asleep.  I kept up with caster and worm hoping and wishing for a Perch...

A right tubby fella.  I got Matt to come over and give me an estimate.  
We agreed at 8ibs.

So, my wish didn't come true but you cant complain with a nice Common Carp in the winter.

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