Saturday, 31 March 2018

Snow Joke

So, its supposed to be Spring.  The sun should be out and the air should be warm.  A time of great expectation with the fish getting ready to feed N breed.  Except its still cold.  It has snowed a little while back and now it is raining non stop.  Spring?  Nope still waiting...

Despite the adverse conditions I have been out a few times (Viaduct Video is in the pipeline).  Plus I went to Landsend Fishery and caught 2 Roach (still better than working - snow day!!!)

But today i headed over to Shiplate Fishery and plonked myself on Peg 1 on Hawthorns (after driving about for ages trying to find a cash machine that actually worked).  I was only there for 4 and a bit hours.  The Boss had plans for me, so I had to fish quickly.

I only used my float rod, with a nice waggler, 2 No1s and a 14 barbless I was ready to go.

I kept it ultra simple with just sweetcorn for loose feed and bread on the hook.  Throughout the session I just alternated between the two.  Adding a squirt of Tuna Mainline liquid every so often to keep the interest up.

The Carp were definitely moving about a bit which was a good sign.

It started slowly with the float sitting rather quietly, looking very untroubled.

A few twitches here and there.  Finally a few quite nice Rudd hooked themselves on corn.

No blank...

Then a few swirls started appearing.  I think the big boys were liking that super sweetcorn.

Nice condition - when I put him back I realised is anal fin was caught up in my net.  Proper stuck.  Dont worry, I chopped up my net not the fin :-)

After the drama of tangled Mirror Carp, things went a bit quiet.  It was a good 20 minutes before the float ducked under violently.  

This was brilliant, got him near the bank.  All his thrashing disturbed a bloody great Eel.  It snaked about on the surface for a bit before sliding off in disgust.

Despite all the thrashing I was soon into another.  Bigger this time.  The rod tip wasnt bouncing.  More of a plod.  Fought like a tank but eventually I hauled him in.

I forgot my scales but some friendly Carpers loaned me theirs.  9lbs exactly.  Biggest of the year so far!  Nice condition as well (the fish that is, although the weighing scales were nice as well)

My 4 and a bit hours were running out but I managed a smaller sleeker version of the one above before I had to call it a day.

Decent end to the afternoon

A very enjoyable few hours and hopefully an indication of what is to come.  If it ever warms up.  It feels like we are entering the next Ice Age.  Snow Joke.

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