Thursday, 26 April 2018

Exploring a new venue - on my doorstep...

Venue: Higher Farm Fishery

Lake Fished: Higher Lake

Tactics & Gear: Middy Pellet Waggler float.  Banded Pellet 8mm (fishery own and halibut).  Island and margins targeted.  Small amounts of loose pellet feed to keep 'em interested.

Weather: Rain, heavy rain, back to rain again.

Not so long back I was idly browsing the Internet when I stumbled upon a website.

Higher Farm Fisheries.  The website was nice and simple and the lakes looked lovely in the pictures.  But most importantly it was only twenty odd minutes from the house.

Saturday rolled around and I headed off.  Not a difficult find but I somehow missed the Lower Lake and ended up at Higher Lakes.

After a chat with a fella fishing on the Top most lake I settled down (well, not for long = the wind starting blowing in my face).  After a little Roach I moved to a different position, opposite a small island.

Looking over Higher Lake

The owner (a thoroughly nice chap) gave me a few 'House' pellets.  It was clear the Carp liked these and it wasn't long before the tell tale swirls licked across the surface.  Once the Carp were feeding the bites came thick and fast.  I missed loads but also hooked a fair few.

I alternated between the island and the right hand margin.

After a few hours I had eight or nine Carp in the bag.  No big ones but fun all the same and still offering a powerful, rod bending fight.

Unfortunately my initial success was marred by me snapping the tip of my Daiwa Pellet Waggler rod (I stood on it).

I also left my SLR camera by the gate, only realising half way home.  Panicking I turned round.  Luckily it was still there!

The owner said that there were some big Carp in there, but it is certainly the 2lbs - 4lbs range that are on the feed the quickest.

A few of the slightly bigger ones.  Kept the rod arching though

I will certainly head back and give the other lakes a go, especially given the relatively short distance.

Signs of spring

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