Friday, 6 April 2018

The Danger Zone

Well, the past few sessions have been pretty damn good!  Some of them haven't actually made it onto the blog yet (I decided to do Viaduct and Landsend as videos rather than standard blogposts - so I'll probably never actually get them done...)

This one is going to be my last for a little while, as I'm back at work next week.

The weather forecast was actually alright, with the temperature reaching an incredible 12 degrees!!!!

I hadnt been down to Avalon Fishery for quite sometime.  Its a beautiful fishing spot right on the edge of Shapwick Reserve.  Upon arrival I snatched the corner peg at the far end of the Match Lake.  This is my favourite spot by far.  Its a risk and reward peg.  You are likely to get something but if a Carp gets you in the 'Danger Zone' you are done.  Line will be wrapped round a thick root or branch and you had better think about kitting up again.

What a looker.

The Danger Zone

Now, I wasnt much of a fan of pellets.  When I fished years and years ago they were not a thing.  Now I have been back in the game for a year and a bit and I still dint like using them.  Until a few days ago... But thats another story which I will hopefully get done (eventually).

Anyway, I kitted up with a small cage feeder, stuffed with Sonubaits dark method mix and some crushed tiger nut stuff (from Ebay).  At the business end I used a banded Halibut pellet and a piece of sweetcorn on the hook.  I dipped all of this into sticky Baits 'The Krill' glug.  Stinky or what?!

I aimed out toward the danger zone.  High risk, high reward and all that!

I also set up my trusty float rod with a nice chunk of sweetcorn on and cast it just a few meters from my peg, in the margin.

There were two chaps on the next peg.  Both full of banter.  The older fella, Dave wasnt actually fishing and was just there for the crack.  Despite the reasonable weather, word on the street was that the fishies were not playing ball.  Not a huge surprise.  The water is pretty deep here and I reckon it will take a good few days of warmth to make any real impact on the water temperature.

So, I waited... In the distance a Bittern boomed (bet there aren't many fisheries with that claim to fame).

It took a long time, but finally the Carp rod wrapped round.  Dave rushed over and got my float rod out (thanks Dave!).  After a spirited battle a chubby Common Carp was in the bag.


Carp number 2 and 3 came in quick succession. A Common and then a Mirror who had a nasty injury on his flank. Scale had been whipped off revealing flesh underneath. Still he fought hard so hopefully he will be alright.


Then just as I was getting into a rhythm it all went quiet again for ages. Float rod bobbed a bit but it was all a bit half arsed.

Then the alarm went off and I was in. But I couldn't stop it. The Carp shot into the Danger Zone crossing into my float rod which I was trying to retrieve. It was a right mess. Soon I was tangled up and lost my feeder. Bugger.

I kitted up again. The float rod was still as dead as a dead tortoise. I got irritated by this and yanked it out. Game over for the float rod for today.

Luckily the feeder worked again and 4 and 5 were soon netted.

Number 6 was in briefly and then off

Number 7 wasn't a lucky 7. I was taken right into The Danger Zone. This was an immediate game over. At least I got the feeder back this time...

So to sum up, I was:

Out along the edges
Where I burn to be
The further on the edge
The hotter the intensity

One for the Kenny Loggins fans out there.

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