Tuesday, 3 April 2018

We're On The Move...

Something strange and unexpected happened yesterday.  A round glowing ball of light appeared in the sky briefly.  This in turn stimulated some Carp to start moving about.  They were on the move.

I had a few hours to myself so headed down to Landsend Fishery for a few hours.  Just took my float rod, tin of sweetcorn, worms and a bag of pellets.

View for a few hours

There were signs of silvers and Carp moving about.  I was hoping for a Tench or two.  Initially I avoided the Carpy areas and looked towards the smaller blips on the surface.  I fed sweetcorn sparingly, dipped in Mainline Baits Tuna and a piece on the hook.

After 10 minutes the float started to dip and I missed a few good bites.  Eventually though I hit into a few nice Roach.  Best one below.

Im a stickler for the Silvers

After a few Roach I hit into a surprisingly hard fighting little dustbin lid.

Cant complain

An hour or so went by and things were getting a bit annoying.  I was missing bites for a past time and getting tangled in brambles, trees and anything else that was nearby.

Every so often i plopped in some 2mm pellets.  I immediately noticed that the Carp resonded to this quite quickly.  So I decided to put on a banded pellet.  Now, I am not a fan of pellets.  I have had minimal success with them and have always caught more with worms or casters but I thought I would give it a go...

So after 20 minutes I can recommend using pellets :-)

The float was bobbing under and I hooked into two Carp.  Unfortunately the hook fell out both times.  The second carp in particular felt pretty hefty, possibly a double.

Even though I didnt actually catch a lot I did enjoy myself and did get lots of bites.  Im hoping to go back on Wednesday this week.  This time, for a proper session (most of them recently have been restricted to 3 or 4 hours).

Sadly the weather isnt great (rain all day).  But I shan't let it put me off.  Pellets will be my main bait, for the firs time ever!  Those Carp are on the move and I need to get the groove. 

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