Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Meet Me In The Middle

So, the weather was mega hot and it was mega sunny which probably wasn't the best for fishing but its still nice to be in the sun.  I decided to re try trinity Waters.  This time I gave MiddleMarsh lake a bash and what a fine lake it is.

Venue: Trinity Waters, Middlemarsh Lake

Weather: Hot & sunny (yes really)

Equipment & Tactics: 

1 x Float fished at 3 foot, 4lbs line, size 14 hook, Sweetcorn
1 x Cage feeder, stuffed full of Bait Tech Green and a few pellets.  Banded Halibut Pellet.

There were a fair few fishing already but speaking to a few it had been slow.  I wasn't to worried and found a nice corner spot.

2 other fellas set up adjacent to me.  One promptly hauled out a Carp after 5 minutes.   controlled my jealousy and kept going  I aimed at the lily pads, i aimed into the corner... Nothing.

Meanwhile all was quiet next to me and on the opposite bank.

I wasn't all that worried.  The lake looked lovely and the sun was out.

Then the alarm went off and after a scrappy battle I had not blanked... phew!

Very nice. Good condition as well

Now, after this things went downhill...

Another Carp slipped the hook, then another, then another, then another.  To top it off I latched into something big.  The line absolutely flew off and... into the lilies and snapped.

I was swearing quietely at this point.

Unfortunately this fishing stuff is addictive and I will be back for revenge and hopefully a better catch ratio :-(

Just waiting for the next lost fish 

Kept me amused during the quiet spells.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Afternoon at Trinity Waters

A first for me.  What a well kept fishery and not too far from my house either.  Missed the first turning and ended up fishing Ash lake.  Not what I had intended but still very enjoyable.

Fish were in great condition as well.  Lost a few and didn't catch loads but I was being a bit slack and just enjoying the peace and quiet!

Will be back for sure

A quick video, trying to improve the quality a bit!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Wish You Were Here

I took a trip around the wonderful River Sheppey a couple of days ago.  Of course it is the close season so no rod bending action.  Instead i took in the sights and sounds and took some photos.  I cant wait to get back on there.  The Chub are out in force and the water looks nice and clean.

As for the close season it would be great to abolish it if it doesnt affect the fish.  Something which is cause for concern.  I'm all for removing it, so long as it is proven not to cause undue harm to our slimy friends.

More photos here.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The Heat Is On

Venue: Viaduct Match Lake


Weather: Misty, then hot and sunny (yes, it can happen!)

Tackle & Tactics:  

Daiwa Pellet Waggler, 4lbs line, Middy weighted waggler, 14 hook, corn (soaked in Mainline Peppered Tuna liquid.  Cast out into the corner margin, set at just under 3 foot (just off the bottom)

Daiwa Phantom Carp Rod, 8lbs mainline, Small paste bomb, 14 hook, banded pellet.  Cast towards main island (not tight though).

Wow! What a Bank holiday.  Finally someone has turned the temperature on.  Unfortunately I couldnt enjoy it on Saturday as I had a Speed Awareness course on. I wont moan here though as I've been going on about it for weeks.

Anyway Sunday was a whole different kettle of fish (ahem).  I was out with the Brother-In-Law.  Now the weather has improved he is out hunting the Carp once more.

Our destination was Viaduct Fishery and boy was it bust.  Match on across 3 lakes leaving Spring, Middle and Match.  I was going for Match as I figured that the weather would have stirred the F1s into a frenzy!

Meanwhile Jase vanished into a dark corner of Spring Lake.

I got set up.  Some chaps on adjacent pegs were catching which was a good sign.

I plopped in a few handfuls of 2mm pellet into the margin to my right and float fished corn over the top.  Then I cast out the paste bomb loaded with Bait Tech Green.  Within five seconds the alarm went off and line was stripped! 

A quick start!

The float stayed quiet with a few very tentative pulls.  But it was the ledger that was getting all the action with another few good fish taking the bait.

F1s - lovely fish and they fight with a strength beyond their size

Jase wandered across and had been asleep (I had a feeling the beverages from the night before had taken their toll.  He wasn't in full Carp mode yet and enjoyed sleeping I think!

Things quietened right down mid afternoon.  If I'm honest I did take my eye off the ball a bit.  I was just enjoying the rays!

Next door to me a chap and his son were catapulting in bucket loads of dog biscuits and the Carp were going mad.  At least a dozen or so were cutting through the surface.  This feeding frenzy benefitted me indirectly as the biscuits and other assorted treats slow drifted my way.

I began catching fairly consistently again.  Both on the float and the ledger.  Lost a few as well.

F1 in nice condition 

 This fella was the biggest at around 5lbs

This fella had an injury to his mouth. Split at the bottom.  
Some careless angling perhaps.

I could have stayed another few hours if time permitted as I'm sure the evening time would be even more frantic!  

I'm looking for a good Tench as so far I've only had one small slimer.  Hopefully I will be out again on Friday evening for a couple of hours so I'll try then.