Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Meet Me In The Middle

So, the weather was mega hot and it was mega sunny which probably wasn't the best for fishing but its still nice to be in the sun.  I decided to re try trinity Waters.  This time I gave MiddleMarsh lake a bash and what a fine lake it is.

Venue: Trinity Waters, Middlemarsh Lake

Weather: Hot & sunny (yes really)

Equipment & Tactics: 

1 x Float fished at 3 foot, 4lbs line, size 14 hook, Sweetcorn
1 x Cage feeder, stuffed full of Bait Tech Green and a few pellets.  Banded Halibut Pellet.

There were a fair few fishing already but speaking to a few it had been slow.  I wasn't to worried and found a nice corner spot.

2 other fellas set up adjacent to me.  One promptly hauled out a Carp after 5 minutes.   controlled my jealousy and kept going  I aimed at the lily pads, i aimed into the corner... Nothing.

Meanwhile all was quiet next to me and on the opposite bank.

I wasn't all that worried.  The lake looked lovely and the sun was out.

Then the alarm went off and after a scrappy battle I had not blanked... phew!

Very nice. Good condition as well

Now, after this things went downhill...

Another Carp slipped the hook, then another, then another, then another.  To top it off I latched into something big.  The line absolutely flew off and... into the lilies and snapped.

I was swearing quietely at this point.

Unfortunately this fishing stuff is addictive and I will be back for revenge and hopefully a better catch ratio :-(

Just waiting for the next lost fish 

Kept me amused during the quiet spells.

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