Saturday, 23 June 2018

Back On The River

I missed the opening of the river season as I had various Father's Day duties to attend to.  Luckily I did get a decent fishing cap and t shirt so at least I look the part.

Today I was keen as mustard to get out onto the Somerset Levels and catch some Roach, Rudd and maybe a Chub or two.

I was going with an absolute minimum of gear.  Just my Daiwa Pellet waggler rod, my fox reel, couple of cheap floats, bit of shot, a few size 14 hooks, tin of sweetcorn and Morrisons wholemeal bread.  Oh, and my dinky little landing net I bought a while back which looks a bit like one of those nets you get at the seaside.

My first stop was the drain at Ham Wall Nature reserve.  It was in serious need of a haircut both above and below the water.  Also the water was running very clear indeed.  Hmmm.

After a bit of roving about I hit into a little Rudd which promptly fell off the hook.  The commotion killed the swim so I decided to move to a spot underneath the bridge, where the weed growth was much less.

A put in a few scraps of bread and moulded some on the hook.  It didnt take long before the float twitched a buried.

First fish of the river season.  
These Rudd are in beautiful condition and fighting fit

I wasnt just the fish making an appearance.  There was a fair bit of slithery activity with 2 Grass snakes and an Adder showing both in and out of the water.

Bad video of a Grass snake under the bridge I was fishing at.

A good number of Rudd similar to the one above fell for the bread but after catching six or seven it went quiet.  They had wised up!

I had a bit of time left and was keen to get a Chub.  For that to happen I had to pop over to the River Sheppey, where the blog began!

I pulled up by my favourite little bridge.  Hooked on a big bit of bread (I dont find Chub to be delicate eaters).  The float trotted away before sinking.  i gave a light strike and Chub on, or so I thought...

The battery died giving the shortest video of all time...

I tried getting some selfies with him but it didn't work.  In the end I admitted defeat and back he went.  I would estimate that he was a solid 1lbs and certainly the biggest Roach I have caught.

I returned home with no Chub but the Rudd and Roach (especially the Roach) had more than compensated.  There is something truly special about catching fish on the river.  I don't mind fishing the lakes but the river is hard to beat.

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