Monday, 11 June 2018

Cracking Perch at Higher Farm

I was keen to get out reasonably early, but didn't manage it.  Babies and new dining tables prevented such notions.  Nevertheless I managed to pop down to HillView Farm again.  To the Lower lake (again).

Two chaps were already fishing by the time I had arrived.  One was Dennis (who I thought was Tom, but isn't).

I set up opposite the tip of the little island beyond which were a tasty looking set of lily pads.

I've been using a Drennan quiver tip rod but rather than using the quiver I set it up on a bite alarm.  Banded pellet and a smidgen of bread on the hook.  In my mind bread is the ultimate bait on this lake.  Everything eats it (and I mean everything!)

I filled a small inline feeder with Bait Tech green and cast out close to the lilies.

Meanwhile I set up my trusty Daiwa Pellet Waggler rod, with a pre weighted float.  Again bread on the hook.

I flicked in a few pellets and sat back.  The sun was shining, ravens were croaking above and frogs were croaking below.

I didn't get long to enjoy the serenity though.

Nice Little Ghost Carp

The serenity I was talking about

For the next few hours I had plenty of missed runs, missed bites on the waggler.  Even swapping to bigger hooks which stuck through the bread a bit better didn't improve my hit rate all that much.  Still, I managed 7 or 8 Carp of 2lbs to 3lbs

Lots of activity.  The Carp were hungry.  
Most were about the same size as this one

Then the alarm went off and bang I was into another Carp...

Wait - its a Perch.  What a beauty...
Fought like a tank. Caught on 8mm Halibut pellet and bread :-)

I shouted at Dennis (who I thought was Tim).  Sadly he wasn't to tech savvy and the photos didn't come out very well.  All was not lost WhistleApp on my phone.  Job done.  Quick weigh. 2lbs - that will do nicely and back he went.

I was buzzing and took a bit of a break, savouring the moment with a well earned cuppa.

A few more little Carp later and time was getting on.  But there was one more surprise right at the end.

A decent Roach in perfect condition.

What a great day.  Carp are fine but I really like Perch and cant wait to get the drop shot out when the rivers open again.

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