Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Higher Farm (Bottom Lake)

Unfortunately I had an extremely upset belly for a few days and even ended up cancelling my trip to see Star Wars which upset me greatly.  Luckily I have seen it now and what a great film it was.  Much better than Epsode 8 which was plain awful.  Anyway on with the fishing.

Friday saw me pop over to Shepton Montague, Hillview to be precise.  I managed to find it this time (last time I got totally lost).  I plumped for the single lake nearest the farm.  I have never fished it before.  But what a lovely lake it is.  Not massive but very picturesque.

I kept it simple, just my float rod, 4lbs line, waggler, 14 hook with sweetcorn/meat/bread bashed on the end.  I rotated between them all.  Every so often flicking in a few 2mm Halibut pellets.

At the other end of the lake I heard line screaming off a reel.  Father and son were obviously scrapping with something big!

I settled on the peg next to the carpark and fished a couple of meters out next to some lilies.

5 minutes went by and the float sunk.  Gentle strike and a Gudgeon.  Hurray!

Then another one on double corn! 

Soon some bigger fish were moving about.  There was a swirl and then a strong fight.  A small ghost carp.  What a beautiful fish.

Not the best photo ever.  But he was a cracker even though he was little

At this point I believe I met Tim Panting, a very friendly and likable character with an intimate knowledge of the lake (the big Ghost Carp did come into the margin when I was aboout to leave, as you said it would)..

As the day drew on more Carp began to feed and I had a good few especially on the bread.  But also a few Bream managed to get in on the action which was a bonus.

 Plenty of action with the smaller Carp

A few bonus Bream

The fellow and his son had packed up and he showed me an unbelievable 20lbs Carp on his phone.  Next to his son it looked enormous.  No wonder that reel was screaming!

My Catch22 is now:
Common Carp
Mirror Carp
Ghost (not sure if that counts tbh)
Roach hybrid thing (not sure what it was)

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