Friday, 27 July 2018

Lost and Found

Morning session at Emerald Pool.  I arrived early, about 6:30.  Sadly my visions of being the first one down were broken as at least 10 people had beaten me to it...

I knew I need to give Sapphire lake a bash.  Recommended by Tim Panting on the excellent Somerset Fishing FB page.  I started to lug my kit over to this unexplored lake.  But then the sights of Jade lake to my left were to much to resist.  I caved in and ended up in my favourite corner at the top left of the lake.  A little bay all to myself :-)

My best spot 

I got set up.  Float with bread.  Then the a little feeder with banded pellet.  I chucked the feeder to the left and the float to the right.  Some 6mm pellets went in as well for good measure and a bit of sweetcorn boosted with a spot of Peppered Tuna.

The fish were still waking up and it took quite a while for a positive bite.  At Emerald Pool that is anything over 10 minute!

Float went first.

Slimy and smelly but quite a nice size.

I had a fair bit of Skimmer action with a variety of sizes.  I think the one above was the biggest.

Here is another one for your viewing pleasure

The alarm finally went off and the endless tirade of Skimmers ended with this nice little Common.  Thanks to the chap on the next peg for the photo.

Me looking gormless

After slipping him back it was clear the carp had arrived and were on the munch with swirl, slurps and sploshes everywhere.  The alarm went off again but this Carp was wise and went straight into the reeds, tangling me up.  he shed the hook and I came back with a tangled mess.  Hmmmm

Then the same thing happened on the float...

I took a deep breath, muttered a bit and set up again.

Luckily I kept hold of these ones.

Biggest of the day

Time rolled on and I was thinking about packing up.  It was then I realised I had lost my keys.  Oh dear.  After a frantic search in the immediate vicinity nothing was found.  Time to wander around the lakes staring at the floor...

A few laps later and still nothing.  I would be in the dog house, all the way at the back if I didn't get back in time for the all important hair appointment (not for me).

Then I spotted them tucked into a clump of reeds.  Lost and Found! Phew!


I'm trying to get more video content sorted.  I've neglected YouTube a bit.  But that is set to end!

Now I've had  bit of a video spring clean.  I'm ready to roll with some new videos.

Keeping it nice and simple to start.

Much more to come.  Feel free to Like & Sub :-)

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Going Batty

So, being a teacher means that the glorious 21st is met with much excitement and enthusiasm.  As always I was keen to get some early fishing in to celebrate the holidays.  However I didnt expect to get out for a few days.  Luckily my wife was meeting her mate and she was taking the kids...

It would be rude not to.  However I was a bit stuck.  I tend to favour the rivers over commercials but due to the dry weather much of the river fishing is proving rather hard.  So I plumped for Landsend Fishery.  Close to home and packed with fish.

I was surprised to find Tadham Lake nearly empty of fisherman.  Just me and another.  That will do.

Peg for the afternoon.

Not a bad place to spend a few hours.

I got set up.  Just bringing my pellet waggler rod, to keep things simple.  There were Carp milling about, lazily slurping at the leaves floating on the surface.  As I pieced the rod together I realised that the top piece was from my Drennan rod and the bottom was from my Daiwa pellet waggler.  I must be going batty!  The pieces didnt fit together very well and the whole thing was very unbalanced.  But I perservered.

Plan of attack was sweetcorn and pellet.  Things started off slowly.  I aimed to my left and plopped in a few grains of corn and handful of micropellets.  Sweetcorn on the hook, along with a banded halibut pellet.

Soon the float dropped and a small roach was the reward.  It was a start.  Second one in was much more positive.  I actually thought it was a little Carp but it turned out to be a very fine Rudd.

What a cracker

The Carp activity was increasing butt they were very timid.  Eventually though a decent fish gobbled up the bait and plodded off.  He was sluggish for a time before realising something was dragging him backwards.  Then he went a bit mad and lunged under the peg.  I managed to get him out in the end.

The best selfie I could get.  A shade over 10lbs

I took a bit of a rest and watched the House Martins diving about.  Not seen as many this year.  In my contemplation I noticed a funny looking bird floating along with the Martins.  A bit smaller and flappier.

Its cropped, so the bat looks bigger here.  Still odd to see though.

After this batty episode I got back to the fish.  I immediately got myself tangled and lost my float and hook.  Hmmm.

After tackling up again I cast in.  The float went staright away and the line tore off the reel.  He was a big un'.  An enormous splosh reverberated at the oppsite bank.  I tried in vein to guide him away from the snags and overhangs but I didnt stand a chance.  The line snapped under the float.  I was a bit gutted.  Given its strength it was certainly a good Carp.  A possible PB.

Despite this setback I was able to hold onto a second Carp.  Smaller than the first but still a decent size.

This one posed a little better

The day rounded off with a third Carp.  A little smaller but still most welcome.

He was badly behaved so I just took a photo on the mat.

Overall, a pretty good start to the holidays.  Next time I will double check my equipment.  It must be old age making me go a bit batty.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Over to you...

Well, this actually happened a couple of weeks ago.  A lapse of concentration means I am doing it now.  To be honest there isn't much to say from my corner.  Fortunately Jase 'The Carp' White was with me and definitely had is eye in.
We went to Viaduct Fishery, Lodge lake (thus breaking my Match Lake addiction).  We initially went on the same peg as often we are a little anti social.  It was in the near corner (cant remember the number) near to an old peg, now in disrepair.
Things were slow to start with.  Jase banged out his carp rods, with boilies (crab I think) hair rigged.

I put out my carp rod with a halibut pellet hair rigged on the end and then my trusty waggler. Out into the corner.
Things were slow.  So we wiled away a few minutes doing a bit of brotherly bonding before the waggler started twitching and bobbing.  The bread appealing to a little Rudd.
Lovely red on the fins
Just kidding
A few more small Rudd were going at it.  I decided to get some casters in and this produced what was to become my best fish of the day.

Not huge, but always happy with a Perch
I was getting harassed by little silvers though.  So in the end I moved to the next peg along, in an attempt to catch something a bit bigger... I had one Carp on which I lost and one run which I missed.  meanwhile...
 What a nice fish. 16lbs
Showing me how its done
I had a few more little silvers but that was it.  Luckily the Brother-in-Law salvaged the situation.  Next time I'm going to give the zig rig a go.  Never done it but it looks like fun!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Feeling the Heat

Ive got a bit behind with my fishing exploits.  2 weeks ago I was at Viaduct.  I'll do that one next (I didnt do very well...)

However last weekend was on the up.  It was hot and the rivers were very low.  Not ideal.

Nevertheless I took a trip to Butt Moor Bridge on the river Brue.  There was weed everywhere but I found a little area without any clogging.  I was using some mashed up bread with a bit of StickyBaits Krill stuck on the hook.  I also potted in a few pellets.

It was slow to start with.  The Chub were very timid.  Eventually the float sunk and 1 was in the bag.  Immediately after I was into another.  I thought it would be a proper bagging session...

 By Butt Moor bridge towards Baltonsborough

It wasn't.  Half an hour went by with nothing.  So rather than hang about I decided to go over to Lydford.

Two in the bag but then it stopped

Unsurprisingly Lydford was crawling with sunbathers, swimmers and dogs.  I somehow decided it would be a good idea to fish anyway... I went beneath the waterfall. I'm glad I did!

Sorry about the nuclear explosion on the right.  

Both of these were most welcome :-)

I had a few more but only small ones.  Still, I was happy.

But I wasn't done yet!  Sunday saw me take a quick trip to the River Sheppey.  Again it was really hot.  There were fish moving about but I didnt fancy my chances.  I moved about a bit and finally got a couple.

Looks nice but its hard work fishing it!

Cant complain.

So, overall it was a fun weekend.  Difficult to get to the water at times but its all good practice.  I did burn my toes though.  In fact I'm still feeling the heat now.

Monday, 2 July 2018


Blimey its been hot. Speaking of which, Lucy Verasamy informs me that it is likely to continue! She does a good job perking up my evening. Anyway enough of weather girls. I am here to talk fishing. River fishing. 

So The Sheppey is shallow at the best of times but its really shallow at the moment. I fished the area by the bridge first (I should have got a photo but forgot). First cast with a chunk of bread. Bam, into a fairly decent Chub approaching 1lbs. Unfortunately it was at that point I realised I had left my landing net in the car... I tried to get him in by grabbing the line but the inevitable happened and the hook pinged out. Bugger. 

 After the commotion it was clear all the other fish and gone somewhere else. I decided to do a bit of roving but its hard work. High, steep banks covered in nettles. Still I gave it a go and was rewarded. Casting under trees in deeper spots.

Small but it was a start.

 Bit better

Another tiddler but better than nothing

So my Catch22 list is now at 7 species.
Aiming for Dace next.  Lydford might be a good shout for that.  Will have to keep weather watching :-)