Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Feeling the Heat

Ive got a bit behind with my fishing exploits.  2 weeks ago I was at Viaduct.  I'll do that one next (I didnt do very well...)

However last weekend was on the up.  It was hot and the rivers were very low.  Not ideal.

Nevertheless I took a trip to Butt Moor Bridge on the river Brue.  There was weed everywhere but I found a little area without any clogging.  I was using some mashed up bread with a bit of StickyBaits Krill stuck on the hook.  I also potted in a few pellets.

It was slow to start with.  The Chub were very timid.  Eventually the float sunk and 1 was in the bag.  Immediately after I was into another.  I thought it would be a proper bagging session...

 By Butt Moor bridge towards Baltonsborough

It wasn't.  Half an hour went by with nothing.  So rather than hang about I decided to go over to Lydford.

Two in the bag but then it stopped

Unsurprisingly Lydford was crawling with sunbathers, swimmers and dogs.  I somehow decided it would be a good idea to fish anyway... I went beneath the waterfall. I'm glad I did!

Sorry about the nuclear explosion on the right.  

Both of these were most welcome :-)

I had a few more but only small ones.  Still, I was happy.

But I wasn't done yet!  Sunday saw me take a quick trip to the River Sheppey.  Again it was really hot.  There were fish moving about but I didnt fancy my chances.  I moved about a bit and finally got a couple.

Looks nice but its hard work fishing it!

Cant complain.

So, overall it was a fun weekend.  Difficult to get to the water at times but its all good practice.  I did burn my toes though.  In fact I'm still feeling the heat now.

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