Sunday, 22 July 2018

Going Batty

So, being a teacher means that the glorious 21st is met with much excitement and enthusiasm.  As always I was keen to get some early fishing in to celebrate the holidays.  However I didnt expect to get out for a few days.  Luckily my wife was meeting her mate and she was taking the kids...

It would be rude not to.  However I was a bit stuck.  I tend to favour the rivers over commercials but due to the dry weather much of the river fishing is proving rather hard.  So I plumped for Landsend Fishery.  Close to home and packed with fish.

I was surprised to find Tadham Lake nearly empty of fisherman.  Just me and another.  That will do.

Peg for the afternoon.

Not a bad place to spend a few hours.

I got set up.  Just bringing my pellet waggler rod, to keep things simple.  There were Carp milling about, lazily slurping at the leaves floating on the surface.  As I pieced the rod together I realised that the top piece was from my Drennan rod and the bottom was from my Daiwa pellet waggler.  I must be going batty!  The pieces didnt fit together very well and the whole thing was very unbalanced.  But I perservered.

Plan of attack was sweetcorn and pellet.  Things started off slowly.  I aimed to my left and plopped in a few grains of corn and handful of micropellets.  Sweetcorn on the hook, along with a banded halibut pellet.

Soon the float dropped and a small roach was the reward.  It was a start.  Second one in was much more positive.  I actually thought it was a little Carp but it turned out to be a very fine Rudd.

What a cracker

The Carp activity was increasing butt they were very timid.  Eventually though a decent fish gobbled up the bait and plodded off.  He was sluggish for a time before realising something was dragging him backwards.  Then he went a bit mad and lunged under the peg.  I managed to get him out in the end.

The best selfie I could get.  A shade over 10lbs

I took a bit of a rest and watched the House Martins diving about.  Not seen as many this year.  In my contemplation I noticed a funny looking bird floating along with the Martins.  A bit smaller and flappier.

Its cropped, so the bat looks bigger here.  Still odd to see though.

After this batty episode I got back to the fish.  I immediately got myself tangled and lost my float and hook.  Hmmm.

After tackling up again I cast in.  The float went staright away and the line tore off the reel.  He was a big un'.  An enormous splosh reverberated at the oppsite bank.  I tried in vein to guide him away from the snags and overhangs but I didnt stand a chance.  The line snapped under the float.  I was a bit gutted.  Given its strength it was certainly a good Carp.  A possible PB.

Despite this setback I was able to hold onto a second Carp.  Smaller than the first but still a decent size.

This one posed a little better

The day rounded off with a third Carp.  A little smaller but still most welcome.

He was badly behaved so I just took a photo on the mat.

Overall, a pretty good start to the holidays.  Next time I will double check my equipment.  It must be old age making me go a bit batty.

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