Monday, 2 July 2018


Blimey its been hot. Speaking of which, Lucy Verasamy informs me that it is likely to continue! She does a good job perking up my evening. Anyway enough of weather girls. I am here to talk fishing. River fishing. 

So The Sheppey is shallow at the best of times but its really shallow at the moment. I fished the area by the bridge first (I should have got a photo but forgot). First cast with a chunk of bread. Bam, into a fairly decent Chub approaching 1lbs. Unfortunately it was at that point I realised I had left my landing net in the car... I tried to get him in by grabbing the line but the inevitable happened and the hook pinged out. Bugger. 

 After the commotion it was clear all the other fish and gone somewhere else. I decided to do a bit of roving but its hard work. High, steep banks covered in nettles. Still I gave it a go and was rewarded. Casting under trees in deeper spots.

Small but it was a start.

 Bit better

Another tiddler but better than nothing

So my Catch22 list is now at 7 species.
Aiming for Dace next.  Lydford might be a good shout for that.  Will have to keep weather watching :-)

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