Friday, 27 July 2018

Lost and Found

Morning session at Emerald Pool.  I arrived early, about 6:30.  Sadly my visions of being the first one down were broken as at least 10 people had beaten me to it...

I knew I need to give Sapphire lake a bash.  Recommended by Tim Panting on the excellent Somerset Fishing FB page.  I started to lug my kit over to this unexplored lake.  But then the sights of Jade lake to my left were to much to resist.  I caved in and ended up in my favourite corner at the top left of the lake.  A little bay all to myself :-)

My best spot 

I got set up.  Float with bread.  Then the a little feeder with banded pellet.  I chucked the feeder to the left and the float to the right.  Some 6mm pellets went in as well for good measure and a bit of sweetcorn boosted with a spot of Peppered Tuna.

The fish were still waking up and it took quite a while for a positive bite.  At Emerald Pool that is anything over 10 minute!

Float went first.

Slimy and smelly but quite a nice size.

I had a fair bit of Skimmer action with a variety of sizes.  I think the one above was the biggest.

Here is another one for your viewing pleasure

The alarm finally went off and the endless tirade of Skimmers ended with this nice little Common.  Thanks to the chap on the next peg for the photo.

Me looking gormless

After slipping him back it was clear the carp had arrived and were on the munch with swirl, slurps and sploshes everywhere.  The alarm went off again but this Carp was wise and went straight into the reeds, tangling me up.  he shed the hook and I came back with a tangled mess.  Hmmmm

Then the same thing happened on the float...

I took a deep breath, muttered a bit and set up again.

Luckily I kept hold of these ones.

Biggest of the day

Time rolled on and I was thinking about packing up.  It was then I realised I had lost my keys.  Oh dear.  After a frantic search in the immediate vicinity nothing was found.  Time to wander around the lakes staring at the floor...

A few laps later and still nothing.  I would be in the dog house, all the way at the back if I didn't get back in time for the all important hair appointment (not for me).

Then I spotted them tucked into a clump of reeds.  Lost and Found! Phew!

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