Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Over to you...

Well, this actually happened a couple of weeks ago.  A lapse of concentration means I am doing it now.  To be honest there isn't much to say from my corner.  Fortunately Jase 'The Carp' White was with me and definitely had is eye in.
We went to Viaduct Fishery, Lodge lake (thus breaking my Match Lake addiction).  We initially went on the same peg as often we are a little anti social.  It was in the near corner (cant remember the number) near to an old peg, now in disrepair.
Things were slow to start with.  Jase banged out his carp rods, with boilies (crab I think) hair rigged.

I put out my carp rod with a halibut pellet hair rigged on the end and then my trusty waggler. Out into the corner.
Things were slow.  So we wiled away a few minutes doing a bit of brotherly bonding before the waggler started twitching and bobbing.  The bread appealing to a little Rudd.
Lovely red on the fins
Just kidding
A few more small Rudd were going at it.  I decided to get some casters in and this produced what was to become my best fish of the day.

Not huge, but always happy with a Perch
I was getting harassed by little silvers though.  So in the end I moved to the next peg along, in an attempt to catch something a bit bigger... I had one Carp on which I lost and one run which I missed.  meanwhile...
 What a nice fish. 16lbs
Showing me how its done
I had a few more little silvers but that was it.  Luckily the Brother-in-Law salvaged the situation.  Next time I'm going to give the zig rig a go.  Never done it but it looks like fun!

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