Friday, 31 August 2018

Small and Mighty

No I'm not sponsored by Persil.  But I did catch a surprise fish was was indeed small and mighty...

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  In my case the summer holidays are drawing to a close which means I'm back to work, the nights get longer and the weather gets colder.  But its not all doom and gloom.  It means that I can think about breaking out the soft lures and catch some Perch and maybe a Pike or two.  I'm very new to this but really enjoyed it last winter.

Also, plenty of migrant birds stop over on the Somerset Levels in the cooler months with spectacular flocks of ducks and starlings to look forward to.

Anyway back to now.  I decided to head over to Ash Lakes for what will probably be my last visit to a fishery for this year.  After the bumpy arrival (that track!) it was quite busy.  I was eying up Lake 1 but there were a few on it and its quite a small lake so I gave it a miss.

I trampled over to Pond 2 which had more space.

Nice view from my corner spot

I mixed up some Sonubaits dark mix and splatted into a small coli feeder.  Then I stabbed myself with a baiting needle.  Bloody hell it hurt.  Blood everywhere.  I sat it out for a bit, not wanting to get blood over everything...

Once recovered a put on a fake pellet on the hair and a grain of corn on the hook.

I also set up a shallow float rig with some bread on the end.

I put the method to my left and float straight out.  I flicked in some pellets to generate a bit of interest.  Things moved quickly and I was soon into a little Carp on the float.  Didn't even need to strike!

My lens had fogged up for some reason. 
 Looks like the world after a few Ciders.I will call him a Thatchers Haze Carp...

Like all Carp he put up a scrap and spooked everything else for quite sometime.  Soon I had a few knocks and the odd slight pull on the Carp rod.  I had a spell of catching a few silvers including this fella.  Who got the bite alarm buzzing and provided a short run!!!

What a little cracker.  Its fins were tinged orange.  Skimmer x Rudd?
Whatever it was it was small and mighty!

Again things went quiet.  It was about 2pm and looking about everyone seemed to be having a quiet spell.  As time ticked on the Carp began moving in with the odd slurp and telltale swirls at the surface. I bashed on the bread on both rods which was a good idea with a small run of small Carp.

Nice scaly Mirror

 His smaller cousin

And his mate who had a bad eye.  Poor critter.

And the biggest saved for last.  Not massive but a good fish all the same.

So it was a day of mixed fortunes with fish coming in bursts.  But for me the silver Bream/Rudd was the highlight.  Small and mighty!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Near Miss

It was a close call yesterday.  I was filming, with my phone balancing precariously on my seat box.  As the Carp was landed it toppled off and somehow didn't quite go into the water.  Phew!

Video is a bit but here it is.

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Monday, 27 August 2018


I am a very forgetful sort and today was no exception.  I thought I would head to Ash Ponds.  I was keen to give Pond 1 a go.  As I would like to up my Carp PB a bit before my holiday is over and the weather gets cold.  Sadly there were a a fair few lines out in Pond 1 already.  I didn't fancy my chances so I plodded over to Pond 3.

I ended up in the same spot as before as it was a little more secluded despite there being a fair few anglers out.

I set up the method first.  Once done I fumbled about in a bits bag and failed to connect with the buzz bars.  Hmmm... I cobbled together a make shift rod pod made from bait boxes and bags.  It was quite a sight to behold.

I put it out towards the low tree on my right.

I kitted up the float rod and put it straight in front.  I had corn on both and a bit of the old faithful Special G on the method.

The bite alarm struggled to detect anything, balanced precariously on a broken bankstick..  Nevertheless I hooked into something powerful which dragged me straight into the low lying tree and I promptly lost the method feeder in a tangled heap.

I set up again and cast a little further away from the aforementioned tree.  I was getting little knocks and half arsed runs.  Bream perhaps, although I have never caught one here.

I baited up quite heavily with Special G around the float which was only set at a couple of feet.

It bobbed and swayed in the bow wave of a Carp before sinking,  Bang! I was in - literally.

I slid on the bank and was waist deep in brown lake water.  Doh! Laughter erupted from around the lake along with a cry of "Great angling mate!".  Glad to see everyone was worried about my safety...

Despite this embarrassing mishap I kept the angry fish on the hook.

Not the best picture but remember I had just fallen in

Despite being soaked from the waist down I continued bravely onwards.  If i'm honest the method was a bit of a lost cause.  My A Team like construction wasn't working.  I packed it away after catching this one, which was a fluke as I literally just started winding and it was magically on!

Excuse the debris in this pic

I carried on plopping in some pellets and loose groundbait into the margins.  The Carp were about but I was fascinated by the hundreds of little Carp attacking anything in the water.  Then like a scene from Blue Planet, they would all art and a Carp would slurp up the goodies.

The Carp were feeding confidently and I had a few.  These two were the bigger ones.  The one above was just over 12lbs.  He was long but not fat! 

Another decent Common

I also had a good number of Rudd keeping my float bobbing.  Even though I was cold and wet I did have a good few hours.  I may well try Lake 1 next time if its not to busy.

On another note.  As I write this I am looking for my baiting needle.  Ive probably lost it.  Doh!

Sunday, 26 August 2018


A second trip to Cary Lake was in order, after my many, many near misses with some chunky Carp.  But I was also eying up the Tench potential.  Such great fish and I haven't caught many of them either.

It felt very much like someone had pressed rewind on the cassette deck (you will have to google that if you are under 20).

I ended up on the same peg (78 not 74 as previously stated).  i also used the same set up.  a bomb out to the aerator which was running and a float out to the left.  I potted in lots of corn in the left margin and fished the same over the top.

The alarm soon went off and the rod tip was bouncing.  There wasn't a fierce resistance.  Bream.  But quite a nice one!

Why do people not like these?!  Okay they are slimy and a bit smelly but what a great bronze colour! 

This happened over and over with 10+ Bream gobbling up the corn.  Most of them were between 1lbs up to about 3 lbs.  I was quite happy.  Even though I had essentially rewound to the previous trip!

You get the idea

And to finish off...

This Tench was a bit bigger than last time.  I was well, well pleased!
They don't half scrap!

So, no Carp!  I wasn't worried though.  A nice load of Bream and a Tench is good enough for me.  Even though I did have a strange feeling of dejavu.  

Monday, 20 August 2018

Scary Cary

Viaduct's most infamous lake.  Scary Cary.  Despite going to Viaduct loads of times I have never fished it until now.  This lake attracts the serious Carpers and I did feel a bit out of place, with my heart lying firmly with the silvers.  Nevertheless I was more than happy to accompany Steve and Jon down to the lake.  Both of these fellows are seasoned Cary veterans and between them have caught numerous doubles and some 20lbs+

When I arrived Steve had already caught some.  I decided to hide my jealously with a friendly looking smile (a bit like Pennywise shown above).

Jon had moved pegs and had kindly pre baited mine (both of them probably felt a bit sorry for my Carping inexperience).

View from my peg.  I think it was 74?

I set up a bomb with a chunk of corn on  the end and a waggler with corn and a banded pellet.

Moments later the bomb rod swept round.  I had aimed next to the aerator which was in full flow.  Obviously a Carp liked it there.  The line flew off the reel and the fish went hard to the right, under the aerator and the hook parted ways with the fish.  It was a very powerful run and it felt like a big fish but I will never know.

A fished down the left edge with the waggler, chucking in a few pellets every few minutes, along with some Special G Groundbait.  It remained quiet on this one for a time.

Meanwhile the bomb rod was bucking and jumping like a mad horse.  I struck gently and was rewarded with a nice Bream.

Steve thought I was mad.  But I actually quite like them.

It turned out to be the first of many with most falling on the bomb and a couple on the waggler.  In between I lost 6 (6!!!) Carp.  One in particular was so strong it snapped my 8lbs line as I tried to steer it away from a bankside tree. Others slipped the hook and a 3  hook pulls.  I was using the Drennen Band ems' and I have to say they did let me down on this session with the Carp taking the hook off the line in short order.

Next time I'm going to try the Guru ones and see if they work any better.

Steve, bless him was genuinely disappointed for me.  As I lost Carp after Carp.  I took it all in a refused to get grumpy as both of the other chaps began landing some quality...

Not me with a 14lbs Common..

Still the Bream came in to save me with at least 5 over a 1lbs plus a few smaller ones.

My good side 

Trying to make it look bigger (thats what she said...)

Rather than bore you with more pictures of Bream I'll skip to the good bit.

As I helped Steve weigh his best Carp my float rod started moving across the deck.  I quickly placed my flip flopped heel on it and bang.  A hard fighting scrapper was on.  I thought it was a small Carp but no!

Along with a big Perch these guys are my favourites.  I have caught very few this year and was really hoping for one today.  I was happy as anything.

Before home time I had another Bream and my first Cary Carp.  Not big but I wasn't bothered. 

My first Cary Carp.  Not a very scary one.

Despite being scared silly by the big, steroid induced Carp in here I did enjoy myself and will be back, looking for some more Tench ideally and maybe a few Scary Carp.  

Saturday, 18 August 2018


I had 2 hours to myself so I went close to home.  Down to the place which inspired my blog.  The River Sheppey.  With all the recent rain it had filled up a bit but my usual spot by the bridge was utterly clogged with duckweed.

I decided to go downstream towards the greatest Pub in all the Land (The Sheppey).  Here I hunted about a bit trying to find some deeper spots.  I only had bread as bait and using my Derwent Valley float rod I was in my element.  This rod is by far my favourite.  Its so light and just has a certain finesse about it.  Unfortunately the same cant be said about the owner...

First fail of the day was shorts and flip flops.  The banks are quite high and there are a lot of nettles.  Ouch. They hurt.

The fish were about.  I could see them!  But bites were very tentative.  I needed to fine down everything in order to catch.  Nevertheless I persevere red.

I did get a bit distracted by the low flying young swallows buzzing about.  Wish I had brought my camera.

Soon enough the phone went.  The Boss needed me back at home...

It was a blank... wait!  The float bobbed under and...

Erm. It was meant to be in the palm of my hand... 
Now it looks like some weird kind of photo bomb.

So, all in all it had been a failure.  Hopefully the nettles will soon die back, I will wear some trousers and the river will get a little deeper.  Success is just around the corner....

Take 2

After some success at Ash Ponds the other day.  I decided to head down again.  But this time I would give Lake 2 a bash.  When I got there it was very quiet.  In fact I had the Lake to myself.  Another chap turned up at the same time as me and was very knowledgeable on all the lakes.  I followed his suggestion and set up close to the near corner.

Initially I set up two rods on alarms but I just cant live without the faithful waggler.  So I changed one over.  Much better!

I popped in some pellets and fished with corn on the waggler rod and banded pellet on the ledger with a dollop of groundbait squeezed onto a little coil.

It took some time before anything happened.  I was getting the odd tentative knock but nothing proper.

I didnt have that long today and dint want the embarrassment of blanking at such a fished filled water (not that anyone could see me anyway...)

Luckily a Rudd came to my rescue on the float.  Phew!

Would love to catch a really big one but these will do for now.

Soon the tell tale swirls appeared in the corner.  The Carp had sniffed out the freebies.  The alarm went off and a hard fighting Common was the reward.

Great condition

I lost a few after this but it happens (a lot in my case!).  Nevertheless I banked a few more.  Nothing huge.  These were the best of them.

 Liked the fin colours on this little one

Again, nothing massive but it kept me entertained.

Time was soon up.  I wasn't as successful this time around but it was still an alright result.  Will try and get to Lake 1 before the weather starts getting chilly.  That's where the big ones live I'm told.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Little & Large

My first ever trip to Ash Ponds near Martock.  The chaps at Somerset Fishing FB page had given some favourable comments so I thought I had better go and see what all the fuss was about.

The first hurdle is the road... Or should I say a strip of stone which has been bombed by half a dozen B52 Bombers.  Its bumpy, very bumpy.  I cautiously arrived after the mile long journey down the battered trackway.

I was greeted with the nice sight of three lakes.  Not massive but big enough.  There were quite a few people about.  But I managed to find a little slot to myself on Pond 3.

Nice bit of water

I set up a cage feeder with a good dollop of Special G Gold.  The business end was a banded dog biscuit with a piece of corn on the hook.  A tasty mouthful!

On the waggler I just put on sweetcorn, keeping it simple.

Things were quite slow at the beginning.  After 15 minutes I had my first run, but Mr Carp slipped the hook...

This happened a few more times on the waggler and the cage feeder.  But I kept calm.  Opposite I could see others catching.  This just wouldnt do.

I stuck at it and eventually the fish moved in on my free offerings of sweetcorn and a bit of mushy bread.

Always happy with a nice Rudd

Soon the big lads moved in and they were hungry!

Luckily Fish dont blink.  Otherwise the photo just wouldnt work.

Getting into some larger ones

This was the largest at 13lbs 10ozs, equal to my PB!

Babies as well 

Real babies!

Little and Large...

The last couple of hours were full of action on both rods.  i lost loads but caught a good number as well.  I reckon it was 15 odd Carp and a small pile of Rudd.  I had caught both little and large today.  Will definitely be back.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Summer Fishing At Landsend

A quick preview of the next vid.  Enjoying myself with this at the minute!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018


I had a couple of hours spare.  So I sped down to Landsend Fishery for a quick go on Tadham Lake with my quivertip (a method I have only tried a couple of times before).

Here is how I got on...

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


So my Catch 22 list is looking a bit skinny.  So I decided to grab an extra one for the list.  F1 Carp were one of the glaring omissions from my catch tally.  In order to sort this out I headed over to Viaduct Fishery Match lake.  Loads of em in there...

Les just say that things didn't quite go according to plan.  Although there was a happy ending (eventually).

Feel free to take a look.  Plenty more to come.