Monday, 27 August 2018


I am a very forgetful sort and today was no exception.  I thought I would head to Ash Ponds.  I was keen to give Pond 1 a go.  As I would like to up my Carp PB a bit before my holiday is over and the weather gets cold.  Sadly there were a a fair few lines out in Pond 1 already.  I didn't fancy my chances so I plodded over to Pond 3.

I ended up in the same spot as before as it was a little more secluded despite there being a fair few anglers out.

I set up the method first.  Once done I fumbled about in a bits bag and failed to connect with the buzz bars.  Hmmm... I cobbled together a make shift rod pod made from bait boxes and bags.  It was quite a sight to behold.

I put it out towards the low tree on my right.

I kitted up the float rod and put it straight in front.  I had corn on both and a bit of the old faithful Special G on the method.

The bite alarm struggled to detect anything, balanced precariously on a broken bankstick..  Nevertheless I hooked into something powerful which dragged me straight into the low lying tree and I promptly lost the method feeder in a tangled heap.

I set up again and cast a little further away from the aforementioned tree.  I was getting little knocks and half arsed runs.  Bream perhaps, although I have never caught one here.

I baited up quite heavily with Special G around the float which was only set at a couple of feet.

It bobbed and swayed in the bow wave of a Carp before sinking,  Bang! I was in - literally.

I slid on the bank and was waist deep in brown lake water.  Doh! Laughter erupted from around the lake along with a cry of "Great angling mate!".  Glad to see everyone was worried about my safety...

Despite this embarrassing mishap I kept the angry fish on the hook.

Not the best picture but remember I had just fallen in

Despite being soaked from the waist down I continued bravely onwards.  If i'm honest the method was a bit of a lost cause.  My A Team like construction wasn't working.  I packed it away after catching this one, which was a fluke as I literally just started winding and it was magically on!

Excuse the debris in this pic

I carried on plopping in some pellets and loose groundbait into the margins.  The Carp were about but I was fascinated by the hundreds of little Carp attacking anything in the water.  Then like a scene from Blue Planet, they would all art and a Carp would slurp up the goodies.

The Carp were feeding confidently and I had a few.  These two were the bigger ones.  The one above was just over 12lbs.  He was long but not fat! 

Another decent Common

I also had a good number of Rudd keeping my float bobbing.  Even though I was cold and wet I did have a good few hours.  I may well try Lake 1 next time if its not to busy.

On another note.  As I write this I am looking for my baiting needle.  Ive probably lost it.  Doh!

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