Sunday, 26 August 2018


A second trip to Cary Lake was in order, after my many, many near misses with some chunky Carp.  But I was also eying up the Tench potential.  Such great fish and I haven't caught many of them either.

It felt very much like someone had pressed rewind on the cassette deck (you will have to google that if you are under 20).

I ended up on the same peg (78 not 74 as previously stated).  i also used the same set up.  a bomb out to the aerator which was running and a float out to the left.  I potted in lots of corn in the left margin and fished the same over the top.

The alarm soon went off and the rod tip was bouncing.  There wasn't a fierce resistance.  Bream.  But quite a nice one!

Why do people not like these?!  Okay they are slimy and a bit smelly but what a great bronze colour! 

This happened over and over with 10+ Bream gobbling up the corn.  Most of them were between 1lbs up to about 3 lbs.  I was quite happy.  Even though I had essentially rewound to the previous trip!

You get the idea

And to finish off...

This Tench was a bit bigger than last time.  I was well, well pleased!
They don't half scrap!

So, no Carp!  I wasn't worried though.  A nice load of Bream and a Tench is good enough for me.  Even though I did have a strange feeling of dejavu.  

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