Monday, 20 August 2018

Scary Cary

Viaduct's most infamous lake.  Scary Cary.  Despite going to Viaduct loads of times I have never fished it until now.  This lake attracts the serious Carpers and I did feel a bit out of place, with my heart lying firmly with the silvers.  Nevertheless I was more than happy to accompany Steve and Jon down to the lake.  Both of these fellows are seasoned Cary veterans and between them have caught numerous doubles and some 20lbs+

When I arrived Steve had already caught some.  I decided to hide my jealously with a friendly looking smile (a bit like Pennywise shown above).

Jon had moved pegs and had kindly pre baited mine (both of them probably felt a bit sorry for my Carping inexperience).

View from my peg.  I think it was 74?

I set up a bomb with a chunk of corn on  the end and a waggler with corn and a banded pellet.

Moments later the bomb rod swept round.  I had aimed next to the aerator which was in full flow.  Obviously a Carp liked it there.  The line flew off the reel and the fish went hard to the right, under the aerator and the hook parted ways with the fish.  It was a very powerful run and it felt like a big fish but I will never know.

A fished down the left edge with the waggler, chucking in a few pellets every few minutes, along with some Special G Groundbait.  It remained quiet on this one for a time.

Meanwhile the bomb rod was bucking and jumping like a mad horse.  I struck gently and was rewarded with a nice Bream.

Steve thought I was mad.  But I actually quite like them.

It turned out to be the first of many with most falling on the bomb and a couple on the waggler.  In between I lost 6 (6!!!) Carp.  One in particular was so strong it snapped my 8lbs line as I tried to steer it away from a bankside tree. Others slipped the hook and a 3  hook pulls.  I was using the Drennen Band ems' and I have to say they did let me down on this session with the Carp taking the hook off the line in short order.

Next time I'm going to try the Guru ones and see if they work any better.

Steve, bless him was genuinely disappointed for me.  As I lost Carp after Carp.  I took it all in a refused to get grumpy as both of the other chaps began landing some quality...

Not me with a 14lbs Common..

Still the Bream came in to save me with at least 5 over a 1lbs plus a few smaller ones.

My good side 

Trying to make it look bigger (thats what she said...)

Rather than bore you with more pictures of Bream I'll skip to the good bit.

As I helped Steve weigh his best Carp my float rod started moving across the deck.  I quickly placed my flip flopped heel on it and bang.  A hard fighting scrapper was on.  I thought it was a small Carp but no!

Along with a big Perch these guys are my favourites.  I have caught very few this year and was really hoping for one today.  I was happy as anything.

Before home time I had another Bream and my first Cary Carp.  Not big but I wasn't bothered. 

My first Cary Carp.  Not a very scary one.

Despite being scared silly by the big, steroid induced Carp in here I did enjoy myself and will be back, looking for some more Tench ideally and maybe a few Scary Carp.  

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