Friday, 31 August 2018

Small and Mighty

No I'm not sponsored by Persil.  But I did catch a surprise fish was was indeed small and mighty...

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.  In my case the summer holidays are drawing to a close which means I'm back to work, the nights get longer and the weather gets colder.  But its not all doom and gloom.  It means that I can think about breaking out the soft lures and catch some Perch and maybe a Pike or two.  I'm very new to this but really enjoyed it last winter.

Also, plenty of migrant birds stop over on the Somerset Levels in the cooler months with spectacular flocks of ducks and starlings to look forward to.

Anyway back to now.  I decided to head over to Ash Lakes for what will probably be my last visit to a fishery for this year.  After the bumpy arrival (that track!) it was quite busy.  I was eying up Lake 1 but there were a few on it and its quite a small lake so I gave it a miss.

I trampled over to Pond 2 which had more space.

Nice view from my corner spot

I mixed up some Sonubaits dark mix and splatted into a small coli feeder.  Then I stabbed myself with a baiting needle.  Bloody hell it hurt.  Blood everywhere.  I sat it out for a bit, not wanting to get blood over everything...

Once recovered a put on a fake pellet on the hair and a grain of corn on the hook.

I also set up a shallow float rig with some bread on the end.

I put the method to my left and float straight out.  I flicked in some pellets to generate a bit of interest.  Things moved quickly and I was soon into a little Carp on the float.  Didn't even need to strike!

My lens had fogged up for some reason. 
 Looks like the world after a few Ciders.I will call him a Thatchers Haze Carp...

Like all Carp he put up a scrap and spooked everything else for quite sometime.  Soon I had a few knocks and the odd slight pull on the Carp rod.  I had a spell of catching a few silvers including this fella.  Who got the bite alarm buzzing and provided a short run!!!

What a little cracker.  Its fins were tinged orange.  Skimmer x Rudd?
Whatever it was it was small and mighty!

Again things went quiet.  It was about 2pm and looking about everyone seemed to be having a quiet spell.  As time ticked on the Carp began moving in with the odd slurp and telltale swirls at the surface. I bashed on the bread on both rods which was a good idea with a small run of small Carp.

Nice scaly Mirror

 His smaller cousin

And his mate who had a bad eye.  Poor critter.

And the biggest saved for last.  Not massive but a good fish all the same.

So it was a day of mixed fortunes with fish coming in bursts.  But for me the silver Bream/Rudd was the highlight.  Small and mighty!

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