Saturday, 18 August 2018

Take 2

After some success at Ash Ponds the other day.  I decided to head down again.  But this time I would give Lake 2 a bash.  When I got there it was very quiet.  In fact I had the Lake to myself.  Another chap turned up at the same time as me and was very knowledgeable on all the lakes.  I followed his suggestion and set up close to the near corner.

Initially I set up two rods on alarms but I just cant live without the faithful waggler.  So I changed one over.  Much better!

I popped in some pellets and fished with corn on the waggler rod and banded pellet on the ledger with a dollop of groundbait squeezed onto a little coil.

It took some time before anything happened.  I was getting the odd tentative knock but nothing proper.

I didnt have that long today and dint want the embarrassment of blanking at such a fished filled water (not that anyone could see me anyway...)

Luckily a Rudd came to my rescue on the float.  Phew!

Would love to catch a really big one but these will do for now.

Soon the tell tale swirls appeared in the corner.  The Carp had sniffed out the freebies.  The alarm went off and a hard fighting Common was the reward.

Great condition

I lost a few after this but it happens (a lot in my case!).  Nevertheless I banked a few more.  Nothing huge.  These were the best of them.

 Liked the fin colours on this little one

Again, nothing massive but it kept me entertained.

Time was soon up.  I wasn't as successful this time around but it was still an alright result.  Will try and get to Lake 1 before the weather starts getting chilly.  That's where the big ones live I'm told.

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