Monday, 24 September 2018

Mission Impossible

So with Autumn on the horizon Ive packed up my Carpy stuff and will now be aiming squarly at silvers along with Perch and the big boy, Pike!

I had a few hours to spare so I headed down to Burtle Lakes.  Fished on a Glaston Manor License.  You would be hard pressed to find a more tranquil spot.  Buzzing with wildlife there is always plenty to savour.  

That is of course if you can crack the code on the lock... Despite having the number I couldnt actually turn the bloody thing.  Like Tom Cruise I attempted to defeat the metal padlock using cunning, then guile and then brute force.  None of them worked.  So i parked on the road and did a deft (ahem) leap over the gate.

Mission complete.  Now I needed to find a peg out of the wind.  I plodded to the Carplake at the back and sat at Peg 15, tucked in a corner.  The rain splatted down but I had my decent coat so i was alright.  I chucked in some mushy bread a put a grain of corn on the float road.  I didnt cast far but kept it close to the reedy margin.  Then I waited, and waited.

Today the Jay's harsh call was echoing through the trees and a brief glimpse of electric blue signalled a Kingfisher.  Nice, and kept me entertained seeing as my float was ... floating.

A friendly chap (Mr Curtis - first name, not sure) popped up behind me.  I was slightly amazed that he recognised me and knew my blog (its the glasses).  Also, I teach is son... Small world.

We discussed the lack of younger people in the sport and the massive decrease in numbers since 2001.  Getting kids away from the addiction of phones and XBoxes is a hard thing to do.  They don't know what they are missing to be honest.

In the end I abandoned the Carp lake and went over to the front lake.  As I did so the rain turned to sun.  Hooray!

I could see a lot of silver fish milling around near the surface.  First cast and the float sank almost instantly.

What a nice view

Saved from the blank...

After getting tangled up on some reeds I tried to solve the puzzle of the twisted line but it was Mission Impossible.  So I cut the line and bunged on a pellet waggler.  This gave me extended casting range.  But it didnt make much difference.  The fish were much the same stamp and were very hungry,

Kept me entertained. 

Loads of 'em

How did he get here?  Caught on sweetcorn...

It really was a game of two halves today.  Raining and blanking on the Carp lake.  Sunshine and unending Bites on the front lake.  Nothing of any size but like Mission Impossible there was plenty of action.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Water World

So, the weather is going downhill.  The blazing summer seems a (Water) world away.  Nevertheless I do great this time of year with some enthusiasm.  Chasing after Carp is fun but the river is calling.  Now that the water levels have risen a bit (probably a lot by the end of today) it is time to take hold of my favourite rod.  The Darwent Valley Float rod.  An elegant piece of carbon if ever there was one.

The weather was a bit grim.  Rain and general greyness.  Due to get even more rainy and more grey a bit later.  I thought I would head out for 2 or 3 hours over to Lydford Mill-Pond.  A picturesque little place which holds a special place in my heart as I used to fish alongside my late Dad here.

Cunningly I had my rod pre assembled and fully kitted up.  Except it went wrong.  The line had wrapped itself around the rod with lead shot tangled into the mix.  I cursed a bit and reached for the scissors - much like I did when I was a young 'un and my Dad would watch and smile.  He was probably doing that now...

Re assembled I flicked it out.  Sweetcorn attached.  Immediately the float went and my first missed bite of the day can be notched up.  The same thing happened on the second cast with a small resistance felt before it came off the hook.  Hmmm.

I flicked it about into different areas of the pond.  Then things went a bit quiet.  I swapped over to a bit of bread.  Then all hell broke loose.  The float went under and a little Chub was scrapping hard.  I unhooked him and tried a photo but he was flapping like mad and went back into the water before I got a chance.  Then moments later the same thing happened again.  Obviously they were photo shy.

Bit moody looking

I kept up with the slightly random casting.  Hoping to land one in front of something a bit better.  Surprisingly I hooked into 2 Roach.  I dont normally catch many down here.  One was a diddler but the other one was alright.

Good enough

Things kept up reasonably well with a few more gracing the net.

Best Chub (the other two were babies)

Then I finally caught what I think was a little Dace, which brings my Catch22 Score up to nine (See Angling Times).

Dace?  Hope so.

Meanwhile some nutters were throwing themselves off the Lydford bridge into the icy brown water.  I had seen enough water in my world for one day.

Monday, 17 September 2018

No Room At The Inn

A bit early for Christmas Nativity references (although Tescos appears to be gearing up...).  However, much like the famous tale Viaduct was indeed very full.  Cary was out.  Match on.  Lodge had a load of people on it.  Spring had a load of people on it and Middle had quite a few on it.  Leaving Match Lake which did have some decent space.

After a chat with some friendly Carpers fishing on Spring through to Middle I decided to trudge over to Peg 51.  It had a bit of space around it (for a time anyway).

There was no chance of any whopping Carp in here (although there are a few low doubles).  But it always gives plenty of bites and those F1 Carp are far stronger than their size would suggest.

I opted for a method feeder approach with Sonubaits dark grounds bait and sweetcorn on the hook.  However after a few casts I changed my mind.  These feeders were massive and I just didnt like them (cheap doesnt always mean cheerful).  So I swapped over to a little coil feeder.  Much better.

Meanwhile I set up the pellet waggler with bread squeezed onto the hook.  Everyone in the lake loves a bit of bread (Ive even caught a 2lbs Perch with it...)

Things were a little slow to start.  I pinged in some small pellets and a little bit of groundbait.  The float bobbed a bit but it was all a bit half arsed.  Meanwhile a chap behind on Middle hauled out a nice 8lbs fish.

Peg 51

I kept feeding small bits every minute or so and finally the float plunged under.  I struck and met with some fierce resistance.

Probably the worst photo ever.  At least its a silhouette of a fish.

I do like these F1s.  They certainly keep you on your toes and give their all.  Right little scrappers!

Suddenly things kicked off after this first one.  This time it was the bite alarm bleeping away.  A powerful run.  Surely a bigger Carp?

No... But welcome all the same.

I cast out again and almost immediately the alarm was off again!  I was liking this.

They keep fighting even in the net

After unhooking and sorting myself out I cast in with both rods.  5 minutes later it was the float again!

The biggest of the day.  Again fought like a warrior!

I thought that I would be catching all day and was feeling like a pro.  Then it stopped.

After the marvelous run of fish my optimism dimmed as an hour went by with only a few taps.  I did struggle in the afternoon and only manged two more fish.

Greedy Roach who flipped himself into my groundbait bowl...

The last F1 of the day

So overall it was a day of mixed fortunes.  If I had kept up the initial run i would have been well in.  But it wasn't to be.  Next time I'm hoping to find lodgings at Cary Lake.  Hopefully there will be room...