Thursday, 4 October 2018

Predator 2

Well the official Predator season is underway and people are happily posting up pictures of Pike and Perch all over Facebook.  Unfortunately I haven't managed to do the same.  Ive stolen an hour or two over this week in pursuit of anything toothy or spikey.

Ive done a bit of spinning and a bit of jigging.  All to no avail.  A few bites here and there is the best I could do.

My trip to Burtle lakes (for the 3rd time) appeared to be heading the same way.  I was a bit fed up to be honest!

Just before packing up, this enormous Perch snaffled the silver lure.

5lbs+ I reckon...

Despite the Perch being a bit bigger than a thimble I felt quite elated!  It hasnt been a good start to the Perch and Pike season and I was happy just to get off the mark!

The 3rd film in The Predator franchise is called 'Predators'.  Lets hope my next fishing trip can live up to that name...

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