Monday, 1 October 2018


So the weather is cooling down and there is an Autumnal feel to the air.  Days are shorter and things can often go a bit grey and dank.  But not to worry.  Predator season has begun!

I havent caught a Pike for ages so it was time to get out the spinning stuff and get down to Burtle lakes.  Now you can do some lure fishing I thought I would give it a go.  Before I got there I found the combination lock to difficult to beat.  Rather embarrassingly a chap who was leaving did it for me...

I went onto Lake 2.  My reasoning being it was the smallest and so I might get a lure in front of a toothy Pike a bit easier.

I was travelling light and made my way around the lake.

Casting long, short and everything in between.  My little Savage gear Roach look a like was getting some serious workout time.

The first hook up happened right under my feet.  i even saw the little beggar.  A few thrashes and he was off.  It was still exciting.  I really like lure fishing!

Another hit came about 10 minutes later but once more it was lost.

third time didnt prove lucky as the tip whipped round but was quickly straight again.  Bugger...

Well, the positive is that I had some proper bites and it got the adrenaline going.

I have removed all the trebles from all my lures after hooking a Pike a while back and really struggling to get the treble out.  I did manage it but it was stressful for me and the fish.  I vowed never to use trebles again and have had no problems with unhooking as a result.

I guess it means I might get fewer hook ups but I'd rather that than a stressed Pike.

Still, the Predators had outwitted me this time.  But as Arnold said "I'll be back".

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