Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Cheap Thrills
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Bit of light lure fishing with a cheap, plastic reel direct from the orient.  Please feel free to Like/Dislike and/or Subscribe :-)

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Homemade Lures

Had some fun today with lures made from old plastic straws.  Many thanks to Chris Phillips for sending me some to try!

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Its been a bit of a disastrous week in fishing terms.  Ive been sneaking out on the way home at a nearby bridge on the River Brue without any reward whatsoever.  Ive bought a ton  of lures off ebay and non of them tickled the interest of a passing Pike.

Yesterday I had a (very) quick go on the South Drain at Shapwick.  A few minutes in a cast a bit to casually and my Savage Gear lure wrapped round a small tree.  Rather than being sensible and simply cutting the braid, I decided to give it a yank and another yank and... snap!

What a pleb.  I stormed off like a spoilt brat and vowed never to go lure fishing ever again...

After work today I headed back to the South Drain but a different bridge (at the other end).  Before you ask, I bought two lure rods a while back (because I know myself very well...)

Anyway, with the darkness already encroaching I gave a few little casts and very slow retrieves with a little HTO rubber lure.  It didn't take long before a small Perch took interest.

Under the bridge was the place to be 


A start.

Of course when you get one little Perch, there are often more...

 This photo doesnt do him justice.  He was a little cracker.

So my new rod has been christened.  I nearly snapped yesterday but am feeling better about things after this evening.  Still no Pike though.  I think my rods have some kind of anti-Pike coating.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Tor Blimey!

Before I forget I must say thank you to Gareth Ebbrell for giving me a title for the blog post via the Perch Fishing Facebook page.

Now I'll be honest.  My fishing ego and confidence went up considerably after a bit of a red letter day a little while back (video is in the works).  It was with some swagger I headed down to Burtle Lakes, confident that a Pike or two would surely fall to my new found lure fishing skills...

They didnt.  In fact I didnt even get a knock.  Nothing for an hour.  It took a small chunk out of my over inflated sails...

So I went to the North Drain.  SIte of the 2lbs Perch from the other day.  Bites were guaranteed here...

Well, I did get one...

Saved the blank but I was struggling.

I familiar figure walked across the small bridge above me.  Lure maestro Alistair Allen.  He went on the otherside of the bridge and promptly cast straight into my swim... The nerve of it.

After a few minutes he realised that someone was next to him.  I thought lure fisherman had to be alert :-)

Anyway, this chap does a good lot of lure angling and is a mind of useful information and knows spots which I dont.  After a bit of a chat he suggested Cow Bridge.  I didnt have much to lose, given that I had only caught one fish...

At Cow Bridge (River Brue) it was blowing a bit of a gail and despite swapping lures and chucking them all over the place I failed to grab a bite.

I wasnt going to give up though and trampled my way down towards Cinnamon lane, avoiding the rather  frisky cows.  Low and behold a familar face was on the opposite bank.  Alistair was at it again.

He immediately put me right announcing that a Perch shoal was in the vicinity.

He was right and finally a few Perch graced my lures.  Thank you that man!

 Little Perch in front of the Tor
Slightly bigger Perch in front of the Tor

So, a pretty bad outing was saved at the last moment.  Thank you Alistair.  Tor Blimey!