Monday, 21 January 2019

Chill at Glastonbury

So I've been loitering u
nder a bridge for a few hours, throwing in bread and drowning worms.

Let me tell you that cold harbour is indeed very chilly.

This time I simply bunged on a single SSG and a size 14 hook and used my lure rod like a quiver. Bites were fast and furious but I struggled to actually connect with anything. After an hour a single Roach was all I could muster. Hmmm...

So I headed over to the South Drain and drowned some more worms at my favourite little bridge spot.

I was more successful here with a few smallish Perch but good fun all the same.

On Sunday I squeezed in an hour at Cold harbour and had 2 Chub and lost another 2. Unfortunately my action cam ran out of batteries so I ended up holding a 1lbs Chub up to a blank screen...

So worms and bread. Dead simple but fun all the same!

South Drain

It was only this morning I noticed a distinct smell on my jacket. Suffice to say it was near Glastonbury and I had been under a bridge. Now, plenty of herbs do grow in Somerset but I didn't want to carry the whiff of this particular species...

Cold Harbour is chilly and chilled at the same time it would seem.

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