Monday, 18 February 2019

Commercial Break

Well, it has been a while since I visited any commercial fisheries.  My attention has been firmly on the rivers and ultra light jig fishing.  However the on set of some milder weather led me over to Landsend Fishery in Wedmore in search of a nice Perch or a Carp or two.

I had intended to to record everything and bung it on YouTube, unfortunately I wasn't very well set up and much of the footage is pointing down at the floor... As a result I'm writing rather than filming and just using video stills.  Which is a bit of a shame as I did have quite an eventful trip.

I headed over to Sydneys Lake which is the furthest one away on the complex as there was a match on the first couple of lakes.  Rather handily there was nobody fishing on Sidneys.  Perfect.

I set up in a corner peg.  I had only brought my ultra light rod and was jigging a worm but had also brought sweetcorn and a few pellets for feed.Now, using a rod like this wasnt the best of ideas.  Sure its great for Perch and silvers but for Carp... Not so much.  Although most of them were single figure fish there are certainly doubles in here.

I was surprised to see a fair number of these powerful fish slurping at the surface and chasing each other about.  The warmer weather had obviously stirred them.

I cast out about 3 meters in front with a worm on a small jig head.  I tightened up and lay the rod down carefully.  The tip is very sensitive and can e used as a little quiver.  It wasn't long before the silvers started coming and most of them were of a pretty good stamp.

A few good Skimmers and small silvers (Skimmers are smelly though)

After a hour or so I hit intoan F1 Carp.  Characteristically strong he gave a fight on my somewhat under gunned rod.  Sadly my action cam was playing up and I didnt get any footage :-(

Things quitened down, but I did notice fishing moving on the opposite peg.  So I packed up and headed across, watching a Sparrowhawk flying slowly above with a load of small birds mobbing it.  i also disturbed a Kingfisher - a beautuful bolt of blue across the water.

I plopped in some sweetcorn and put to bits on the hook.  This was probably foolish as this rod wasnt designed with carp in mind.  Oh well...

Had a few leeches on him (the fish!)  Probably just woken up!

I couldn't hold either of them.  Both were going crazy, hence the poor images...

So it was something of a commercial success.  The first carp probably being the biggest fish Ive caught this year.  Next time I will have the action cam rolling properly!

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