Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Blowing Off

So it was blowing a bit of a gale on Saturday.  Nevertheless I felt it necessary to try out my new Nash Dwarf rod,  The beauty of this bit of kit is that I can have it set up and ready to go.  It fits in the car and is ready to fish!

I also took along my NGT dropshot rod.  Again its short enough to fit in the car!

After a chat with Steve I set up on Lodge lake, but not for long as the wind was blowing me all over the place!  So i moved over to Match lake - i have done this lake to death but it didnt quite bare the brunt of the gale quite so much.

It took some time before anything happened but getting near to the aerator did the trick.  I had worm tipped with a bit of corn on the Dwarf rod and Baitech hookable pellets on the other.

Blue aerator was the target

Soon bites started coming.  The Dwarf went first...

Quite a nice Bream.  I didn't pick him up for fear of being slimed.

I then missed a few.  Including one where the alarm went off and I thought it was the guy on middle lake behind me!  By the time I had realised the fish was long gone...

After a quiet spell I had a flurry of Carp and F1s which saved the day and stopped a complete blow out!


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    1. Yes. Not bad. Although it was windy, the forecast was much worse than reality!

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