Saturday, 27 April 2019


Last weekend was lovely.  The birds were singing and the sun was out.  I was already burnt to a crisp after my excursion to Mallorca.  I decided it best to head to a shady spot.  With this in mind I took the short trip over to Landsend Fishery.  I was going to fish Tadham lake but it was pretty full so I went over to Sidneys lake which only had a couple of people fishing it.

I found a small shady spot.  I was confident as there are stacks of carp in here.  Some of them have grown into doubles without doubt.

I plonked out a cage feeder and corn over toward one of the islands and fished the waggler a bit closer in.  A few pellets in and a bit of waiting, then there were the tell tale swirls.

The alarm beeped and I missed it and the waggler bobbled about being attacked by hungry mouths but still I could catch one!

A few hours had passed and blanking was becoming a worry...

I busted out some Krill glug and plopped it over a cat biscuit.  Finally I struck and hit.  A small carp to start the proceedings.  Wait...

When its head popped up I nearly fell in!  A tense few seconds and it was in the net where the hook promptly fell out... Phew.

After all the excitement of what was probably a PB Perch I didnt really care about what happened next.  Amazing how fortunes can turn so quickly!

Anyway I hooked into a large carp which promptly sped of and managed to eject the hook.  It happens a lot.

However, after an immense scrap this bugger didn't manage to escape...

This one was on steroids and wouldn't hold still for a moment...

By this point the sun had moved and my feet were getting crispy.  Time to chip on.  2 fish but both good 'uns.

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