Saturday, 13 June 2020

A Different Format...

Well, it has been ages since I've actually written something proper on here.  I've been busily recording my fishing activities and bunging it on YouTube.  However my new memory card has given me all sorts of problems over the last two sessions with corrupted files all over the place and messages telling me to format my memory card.  Anyway the upshot of this is a definite lack of video footage.

However, today I did take some photos with my phone so managed to salvage something!

Today was a visit to Ash Ponds near Martock.  3 smallish lakes with the big buggers in the first pond (always surrounded with bivvies and bite alarms) and the other two ponds filled with pasties and a few double figures as well.

However before reaching any of the ponds my little red rocket had to traverse the mile long pot hole or 'track'.  If you want to keep your suspension it might be better to drive elsewhere...

After being bounced around like a rapidly heated piece of popcorn I arrived and decamped on pond 2.

Nice view for a few hours

I had half a bloomer to use on the float rod and robin red pellets to use on the 'proper' carp rod (bite alarm and all).  This rod also had a little sack of goodness attached to the hook, which would hopefully create a lump of fishy goodness on the bottom with my pellet sitting in the middle of it!

Put bluntly the carpy rod didn't get much attention.  One run which I picked up and missed was about it.

It didn't do a lot of bleeping.

Fortunately the float rod did some work and I successfully hooked 4 Carp.  Nothing huge but fun all the same.  I was quite enjoying myself, and not really trying to hard.  

Although small this critter tangled me up good and proper.  
Sorry about the gormless pose

One of the slightly larger ones.  
As far as I can tell the light coming from my head might be a halo

However the discovery that all my wonderful runs and captures had been erased from my memory card, upset me enough to cause me to pack up in a slightly bad mood.  Looking back this may have been slightly childish and temperamental thing to do.

The positives is that writing a blog entry is a lot quicker than doing a video so maybe the error message 'Incorrect format' on my camera was a blessing in disguise.  After all I would say this format is actually quite nice!

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