Sunday, 27 September 2020



Much like Captain Hook my relationship with Crocodiles has hit rock bottom.  Only weeks ago I was snagging crocs right left and centre.  Last weekend saw a dramatic downturn in fortunes with six(!) Pike falling off the hook and one eating a little Roach I had caught before biting through my braid.

As I lamented on various forums. Fellow angler Kev Farnell mentioned a hook sharpener. I instantly made the purchase. Good to have a sharp hook. A few days later they were sharper than Samurai Swords.

This weekend I decided that I would mix it up and rest on the lures for a couple of hours and instead fish a jighead with a worm on the end.  Super simple.  What could possibly go wrong...?

I started off along the banks of the river Brue.  Despite the wind blowing a fair bit I was confident that my 'chuck it in and watch the line' trick would surely be a winner...

View from the bridge

Me falling over (again)

There was a small shoal of Chub nervously flitting about. But they were not keen on feeding. Every time I cast they scattered to the four corners of the river.  After a fair bit of sighing and ruminating over whether I'll ever catch enough fish to make a another worthwhile YouTube video. A small Perch decided to chomp up the hapless worm. 

Much like Captain Hook I  could almost hear that clock ticking. It was time to cut my losses and head to a nearby drain. As expected it was running low and clear. But it was stuffed with fish. Fish which didn't seem especially hungry with only some interest in slimy Worms. 

Crocodile Food...

It was time to face my fear and so the little Roach lure went on. Sadly I was hindered by lily pads and weed. An hour later I watched a nice Pike slowly follow my comical little wobbly lure. It was almost a watery version of Smee. Sadly the Croc didn't execute a final strike and instead disappeared under the near bank. Never to be seen again. 

Its like the African Serengeti these days. 
 Cattle Egrets, crocodiles and a snake (see lower down)

A while later, after an encounter with an electric fence. I made contact with the big Pike's smaller cousin. Unfortunately a combination of my 'Bad Luck' Carp Hoody, the inability to set my landing net properly and the Pikes penchant for thinking it was a flying fish lead to me losing it... That's 8 Pike lost in a row... 

Crocs and time ticking... A true nemesis. I certainly know how Captain Hook feels...


Not a Croc but not far off...


  1. I think you may have been watching too much Gone Fishing with your splendid Bob Mortimer impression.


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