Sunday, 1 November 2020

Earthworm Jim


So, there have been some rather unkind comments amongst the lure angling fraternity on my reliance on earthworms in order to catch fish.  Sadly I don't have much by way of defence in his matter as I am quick to fall back on a hapless wriggler.  BUT today was different...

I was a bit worried about a potential lockdown so I ventured out into the lashing wind a rain.  Armed with worms and some little lures.  I've found a new little spot which seems to be packed with mini Perch (video to come on that).  

The cows were unmooved (sorry) by my worm slaughtering 

 The spot 

The wind was really pushing through but I was confident that the worms would do the business...
Except they didnt.  I only managed one Perch in about 15 minutes.  Something was wrong.  Had all the Perch suddenly gone vegan, all in the pursuit of fashion?  A more likely answer was the little waves and the tip of the rod being blown all over the place.  Unless it was a muscle bound beefcake I doubt I would even see any bites in this situation.

It wasnt looking good.  This may well be a first for me  I swapped FROM a worm to a lure in order to catch Perch.  Strange times.

Inspired Angling Pred Bites

This was the first time with these little lures.  The pink one took my fancy staright away as the water was pretty brown and murky.  I mounted it on a tiddly jighead and cast out towards the tree. A second later...

After that it went mad.  A barely had chance to move the little pink bit of rubber before another Perch had snaffled it up.

I could wax lyrical about the lovely action this little lure has.  It looks like a little shrimp, all alone and ready to be eaten.  Trouble is I didnt get to impart much action into it as it was gobbled up, over and over!

You get the idea...

Although small, these Perch were so much fun to catch and I'll be back for more...

My first lure caught Chub!

It wasnt just Perch!  Possibly the cutest Pike in the known Universe!

What was rapidly lurching into a bad session was saved by a little pink lure.  Beating even the fabled Earthworm.  The Perch just couldnt get enough. 

Plus the tub comes with a booster as well - I didnt even use that!  

Get your tub of fun here!


  1. That is strange. You'd put money on worms out fishing lures. You've got some strange perch down there.

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