Saturday, 19 December 2020



Its the first day of the Christmas holidays.  Hooray!  Unfortunately we have suffered heavy and persistent rainfall meaning any idea of lure fishing on a river or drain was out the window.  In fact any river fishing would be a waste of time.  So I decided to pack my (slightly dusty) float rod, some worms and bread and head over to a little fishery near to my house.  

Its not advertised much and so I was confident it would be quiet.  Upon arrival I was slightly surprised to see a bit of  slimy mess where reeds and grass used to be.  I'm guessing they were carrying out some sort of maintenance.  Although I have to say it didnt look pretty.

The far banks had been uprooted and looked a bit nasty.  Hopefully it will be better come the spring.

Nevetheless I readied my float rod and attached a worm.  Hoping to catch a Perch or two.  I chopped some worms up as well and through them in over the float.  A few knocks here and there and then the float sank sharply.  I struck and missed.  Hopeful, I went back in.  But then nothing happened...

I swapped to a little dollop of bread. The float started bobbing about and sank slightly hesitantly this time.

I struck into what felt like a wet flannel...

It wasnt what I was after but you have to take what you can get on winter days...

Essentially the rest of the session was a repeat of the above.  I'll let you decide if this is to be considered a good or a bad thing...

15 odd Slimers hit the net.  This being one of the better ones.

At least I was getting bites but its a far cry from banging out a Pike or a decent Chub.  Still, must not get too greedy in the Winter. 

One exception was a marauding Carp which slurped up some bread, took off like a rocker and pulled the hook.  That was the end of that....

By the end of the session I was like Dr Venkman from Ghostbusters getting slimed in the haunted library.  I wonder if ghost slime smells like a Bream?  Yuk.

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  1. Snotty little bream or not, a fish is a fish. Better than watching a stationary float.