Sunday, 21 March 2021

Get into the Groove

So the River season is done. My lure rod is packed away it's time to break out the floats and bite alarms. However getting into the groove is difficult. These rods now feel so heavy and cumbersome after using a lure rod for 3 or 4 months. Even the reels feel like dirty great battle tanks compared with the tiny, slick little reel I use when lure fishing. But my first faltering steps back into alarms and floats had to be made. 

First stop my local fishery. Viaduct at Somerton. It looked like I had arrived at a Madonna concert. There were people everywhere. I took a look at Match Lake which is great for getting back into the Groove. But that was a bit full so I opted for Lodge Lake which was slightly nearer.

I got my float rod all ready and hung some maggots on the end. The bite alarm rod had a method feeder all wrapped up with Sonubaits worm and some fake corn hair rigged. Now all I needed was a Prayer (I'll take you there). Sadly nobody was listening and after 2 hours I had a few tiny Roach and an even smaller Perch.

With some sighs I decided to pack up all the gear (I'm a proper Material Girl...) and trudge over to Match Lake.  The Pole guys were catching quite merrily but it took me a while to find any kind of action.

I fancied the spot near the little tree/bush

Absolutely nothing happened on the bite alarms but after a feeding some maggots very sparingly the float began to bob before sinking positively.

A had a brief spell of action with a few fish finding their way onto the bank.  Nothing spectacular but I was happy with anything.

Then something really interesting happened.  A deep rumble which was enough to give the ground a bit of a shake.  It sounded like a distant explosion.  Uncertain if I should start praying (Oh Father) I looked around a bit along with everyone else.  A quick check on Twitter revealed that it might have been a meteor.  Interesting!

After a while it appeared that the world had not come to an end so the fishing could resume.  Time was ticking on and people were starting to pack up.  A sis often the case as the afternoon began to end the fish appeared to move in closer and the tell tale signs of Carp sifting through the silt was evident.

I plopped on a big worm and kept casting near to the little tree as it looked so Perchy.  I don't want to preach (definitely not in a pappa type way) but I was rewarded.

Finally a decent fish

After the excitement t of a half decent Perch I cast into exactly the same spot.  The float went again and a jagged fight ensued.  I was so pleased when a Tench surfaced.  Love em.!

I tried to get a photo with him but I couldn't do an 'Express Yourself' moment.  Too slimy so a net shot had to do.

A very miserable Tench

The Carp were feeding nearby and inevitably I nabbed a few foul hookers, loosing two in quick order. But eventually one clung on.  

I had to thank my 'Lucky Stars'.  Finally a few fish at the end of the day.  Hard going but Ive started to 'Get Into The Groove'