Saturday, 6 March 2021

I'll Be Back

The Terminator. Surely one of the greatest Sci fi movies of all time. One of its most memorable features is the implacable cyborg played by Arnie in his prime.  Utterly focused on the mission. Unencumbered by human emotion. The cyborg is ruthless and efficient. This is the complete antithesis of me and my fishing exploits. My emotions are normally all over the place. One moment I can be filled with excitement when i feel the pluck on the rod only to be plunged into despair as the Pike decides to let go. Sadly I am neither efficient nor a well muscled individual... 

Anyway let's get on with it. The River season is close to an end. To all intents and purposes I have done fairly well on the Pike front over the last few months. I've played a good numbers game (although some are undoubtedly re captures) and have caught a few doubles which I am really happy with (those emotions are coming in already). 

Today was likely to be my final flourish for a while. Filled with anticipation (another human weakness) I headed out to the Somerset Levels. To my 'normal' spot. A fairly non descript drain which doesn't look particularly good for anything (looks can be deceiving though. Who remembers Robert Patrick in Terminator 2?). 

I settled on an Inspired Angling Swimbait. My main reason for this was the drain was low and quite brown. There is also a fair bit of debris on the bottom. The little lure is light and only has one hook so hopefully I would getting to snagged up. 

I went up the drain without any action and then got half way back down when a large Pike emerged from under the bank and lazily gave chase to my little wobbly lure. However she saw me and viered away. 

I cursed (human emotion again) and cast out again and again but she was gone. 

Some Daffodils to brighten the day and numb the pain of a Pike escaping

As is often the case with Pike (in these parts at least) it wasn't long before I got another hit. He was only on for a moment before shedding the lure. I inhaled sharply and shook my head. Probably mumbling and muttering. 

A good couple of hours has passed and I had nothing to show for my efforts. I have to confess I was busily thinking about life when I hooked into what felt like a good fish. It held its ground upstream before pinging off. 

I was miserable and dejected. I decided to go and sulk in the car and eat some lunch. I foolishly checked a few social media channels. Inevitably I saw a few Pike. Some complete with smiling captors. I hate it when that happens... 

I decided it was time to go back ('I'll be back' in fact) 

The weather was warming up a bit and the wind had dropped. 

I focused on casting close to the near Bank and trawling the little lure back. After a few casts I had a savage knock. 


I was much happier now and cast with abandon. It wasn't long before I snagged a second. Slightly bigger as well! Only just hooked. It actually fell out in the net. 

If I was a Terminator (or Carp fisherman) I wouldnt be smiling.

The phone went. Skynet herself made contact and I had a new set of instructions (GoTo: Home). 

I couldn't resist a few more casts on the way back and was rewarded with a final little Pike. 

I was so glad I decided to return to my spot after having a rough time of it first time round. My decision in the car payed off. Like Arnie I did indeed go back. 

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