Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Don't Think. Feel.


Yoda knew a lot of stuff.  One of his many teachings was the idea that you should feel rather than think.  Today I did just that.  Against my better judgment I decided to head out despite the cold, wind and rain.

For know real reason I thought I would head over to a little fishery near me (Higher Farm if you are interested).  3 lakes - one by itself and two a bit further up the hill.  I let my feelings guide me and ended up at the lower lake.

I unpacked and then wished I hadn't.  Yoda's advice might work in a galaxy far, far away.  But here things weren't good.  The wind was whisking through and it was bloody freezing.  I attempted a few casts with the bread and float, missed a couple of half arsed bites and packed up again.

I very nearly headed straight home (thoughts of a nice warm cuppa were very appealing).  I had given it a go...  But then another Yoda quote came to mind.

'Do or do not, there is no try'.  

So I decided to try a different lake and one which I haven't actually been on before.  As luck would have it, the wind wasn't quite so brutal here.  There was only one other angler which was good as it is only a little lake but very picturesque.

I plopped in a bi of squished bread and few Coshida cat biscuits.  These sink very slowly and are the best Carp attractant I've ever used.  But I wasn't sure that even these would work their magic in the cold.

A nice view.  Wasn't sure anything would be moving.  

Deadlier than a light sabre

I waited patiently as Yoda once said 'Control, you must learn control'.  The float was motionless for sometime but as another fisherman casually asked how I was doing to shot under and I missed...

Nevertheless it was a start.  Moments later the blob of sinking bread was back in.

Small.  But size matters not

There was a definite disturbance in the force as the weather went from cold and windy to warm sunshine.  Then to snow...

Colder than Hoth on a winters day

The warm moments saw Carp rise and snaffle up the cat biscuits.  Wasting no time a slipped on a nice floating piece of Warburtons.  It wasnt long before another Carp was bagged.

I ended up netting 4 or 5 little ones plus the slightly tubbier one above.  Although I was enjoying catching my Carp hoodie wasn't really up to the task of shielding me from the snow, sleet and rain.  

I was about to finish up when a big pair of smackers slurped up the bread and cat biscuits.

A lovely pale Common/(Force) Ghost Carp

The force was certainly strong in this one.  I dont think he knew he was hooked for some time.  But as the net drew near he absolutely went for it and I was worried that I would lose him.

Fortunately Yoda helped me out one final time.

'Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose'. 

Im certainly glad I didn't lose him though!

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