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We all love a new drippy glug or smelly pellet. We also love fishing gizmos and gadgets. This page is dedicated to any shiny, new stuff I can get my grubby mitts on.  Along with some simple tactics that I use.

Simple fishing setup.  Cheap but good!

Sticky Baits - The Krill

A quick glance through the Angling magazines will reveal that many, many big Carp have fallen for various Sticky Baits products.  In the end I had to find out what all the fuss was about and decided to grab a pot of Sticky Baits ‘The Krill’.
The Sticky Baits image screams modern and cool with its edgy black and purple colouring and futuristic lettering.  All well and good but what is ‘The Krill’ like?
Well, initially I was surprised that it is only a 200ml bottle.  It looks bigger, also it isn’t filled all the way to the top.  However this initial disappointment dissipated somewhat once the smell hit my nostrils.  Let’s just say ‘The Krill’ is an apt name.  It stinks of it!
Secondly the liquid is very thick.  A proper bit of ooze.  Dip in a pellet and it comes out, slowly dribbling the rich dark fluid.  In the water I can imagine it spreads quickly and its pungent scent would be hard for Carp to ignore.
I tried it out at Avalon Fishery recently.  Fishing on the lake was slow, no doubt the leftovers from the snowy weather.  With the water temperature still low, most people had only caught one or two Carp over the morning, according to the Bailiff.
I popped on a glugged pellet and got bites after half an hour.  Soon I was into a small Carp.  A couple of hours later and I had four more in the net and then lost another two.  Did ‘The Krill’ give me the edge?  I reckon…
ü  Used by specimen Carpers (check the magazines)
ü  Improved my catch at Avalon Fishery
ü  Very strong smell
ü  Thick and sticks nicely to pellets
ü  Bottle lid is very robust, shouldn’t leak in the car
ü  Premium feel and ingredients
û  Expensive
û  Small quantity compared to other glugs

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